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Dan Lepard's Soft Baps

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Dan Lepard's Soft Baps

I've been looking for a recipe for buns suitable for hamburger, sausage and peppers, grilled portobello mushrooms, pulled pork, or the like. Indirectly I came across this recipe, Dan Lepard's Soft Baps (Manchester Guardian, Oct. 6, 2007) replying to this TFL posting .

They feel wonderfully soft, just like my wife wants in a sandwich bun. I'm making turkey burgers with pesto tonight for dinner. Seemed like the time to try these.

This happened during the bake: Kissing Baps; who says our UK friends are reserved?

The mottled surface indicates there will be a few gas bubbles, but I'm expecting a sandwich bread, closed crumb. I'll take a crumb shot tonight when we serve them, and post it later.

The crumb

As expected, closed but not dense, very slightly chewy. Can't say much about flavor; it was swamped by sage, thyme, pepper and turkey. This is a keeper; my wife agrees.

David G



azelia's picture

They look really good David...I usually make six rolls and then a small loaf which is very good for toast.

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Hope you enjoy for dinner.   I always buy crappy store bought stuff for hamburgers, etc.   and think I should make something instead.   You did it. -Varda

wayne on FLUKE's picture
wayne on FLUKE

These look great. I looked at the recipe and am wondering about a couple of the ingredients. Don't know if these are UK specific, but I am not familiar with them.

Cornflour: What is it? What did you use? Other substitutes?

Caster sugar: What is it? What did you use? Other substitutes?

thanks -- wayne

azelia's picture

Wayne - Cornflour is known over there as cornstarch

and Caster Sugar is Superfine Sugar, we in the UK use a lot of caster sugar in our baking but I wouldn't have any problems using normal sugar, here known as granulated sugar.

wayne on FLUKE's picture
wayne on FLUKE

Thanks so much.