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Toasted Flour

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Toasted Flour

I recently read about toasting flour to get better flavor, and i was wondering if it would actually enhance the flavor of the bread. Also,was wondering if it would adversely effect thefluten formation at all?

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PaddyL bring out the flavour in Tibetan Skillet Bread.

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Mini Oven

in your recipe.  I would not go over 1/3 the flour weight of a AP wheat flour in a dough recipe.

I cannot guarantee that those sensitive to gluten can eat it and not have problems.

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to make low fat roux. I simply toast it in a large dry skillet - no oil until it is about a peanut butter color. Then I store it in a jar and use it to thicken/flavor low fat gumbo. I am not sure how it affects gluten precisely but it does have far less thickening power than conventional flour. But it does have a great flavor and would be an interesting addition to a loaf of bread. I will have to try it!

Thanks for the idea!


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Last year I smoked/toasted some(couple of cups, I think) whole wheat flour in my Traeger grill. Put it in a 13x9 metal pan and let it sit in the smoker for 2-3 hours, stirring it every 30-40 minutes. Due to the low temperature of the smoker, didn't get much toasting, although the color changed slightly. It smelled wonderful - nicely smoky. Once made into bread, however, didn't notice much flavor, other than a mild smoke scent when toasted. Going to try it again one of these days, but leave it in for longer.