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Help needed with pizza dough recipe conversion

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Help needed with pizza dough recipe conversion

Hello all! I have had this pizza dough recipe in my recipe box for years now. I've never been able to make it because the quantities would require a commercial size mixer. And also, some of the measurements are not exactly specific. But this is by far my favorite pizza dough. So I'm posting the recipe here and I am hoping that someone can help me to size it down...


1" (3oz) of yeast

1/2 (8 oz) spoon sugar

6 eggs

250ml oil

1 pot of warm water (3 L)

handfull of salt

-mix for 5 minutes

3 (large) spoons of flour (add flour if needed)

1 small cap of yokaline


I would like to know how much active dry yeast to use instead of the yeast called for.

I imagine that the reference to 'spoon' is for one of those scoops. I also imagine (based on the reference to 1/2 spoon being 8 oz) that one spoon would be 2 cups. Would it be safe to estimate that 3 large spoons would be around 3 cups each?

I understand that the yolkaline is a food coloring, my question is: if I omit the yolkaline, with it change the flavor/texture of the dough?

Evidently this would make a large amount of dough (the recipe is from a restaurant). I would like to size down the recipe to be able to handle it either with my KA mixer or by hand.


Any help on this would be hugely appreciated...


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Try this.

21g fresh yeast or 7g instant yeast
56g sugar
1.5 eggs
¼ cup oil
750g water
14g salt(not sure)
1000g flour for around 75% hydration
1100g flour for around 68% hydration

Personally, PR's pizza dough recipe is my favourite.