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Where can I purchase a La Cloche baker in Ontario

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Thomas Parr

Where can I purchase a La Cloche baker in Ontario

Hi Folks:  I am a newbie correspondent from Ontario, Canada.  I was wondering if any of you expert bakers out there could advise me where I might be able to purchase one in Ontario.  I would purchase from the USA, but I am concerned of the damage to the La Cloche in shipping.  I have read a number of sites whereby they have been shipped a number of times from Amazon.Com, only to arrive damaged.

Thanks in advance for any information.

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Try  It's a Canadian site and is probably not far from where you are.  I'm in Montreal and have ordered a few things from Golda; they're usually shipped next day and I've never had any problems with breakage.

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Thomas Parr

Thanks PaddyL.

I checked them out and unfortunately no listing.

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Ikea has a clay baker, for lack of anything else.

It appears to be oval though, and more of a pot, rather than saucer and dome. Could probably be used upside down to simulate.

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I bought mine from

I am also in Ontario and had no problems with breakage. 

Good luck.


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Thomas Parr

Hi Folks:

Tnanks for the quick responses.  I checked out every Ikea store on line on the suggested site through their link.  They either don't carry it or they are out of stock.  Once again thanks.  As for the shipping charges are almost twice as much as the cost of the Baker. 

I am resolved to use an upside down flower pot and a pizza stone as shown by another member of TFL.  I will give it a good shot and see what happens.  Once again many thanks.

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Thomas Parr

Would any of you fine bakers out there be able to direct me to the thread of the member who posted a picture of his inverted flower pot baker?  Thanks for any consideration.

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Thomas Parr

Many thanks mrfrost for the thread.

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Unfortunately, the only place I've ever seen the La Cloche for sale is Williams Sonoma on Toronto's Bloor Street.  The price, as I recall, was very high.  Sorry I can't be of more help on this one.


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I'm from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and I agree that shipping is the sad downside to getting some of the wonderful equipment that so many bakers are very lucky to access in their communites.

Might I suggest using a Romertoff Clay Baker instead of a La Cloche?  I know it may not be the shape you want, but it would still do the trick.  They are readily availabe in many stores in Canada including The Pan Handler, etc.  I often see them unused at Valu Village too.  Here's a link to the rombertoff Website that can give you some idea of what you might find.

Regards and Happy Baking to a Fellow Canuk on this great forum........Lyn

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Thomas Parr

Many thanks Lyn for your research.  It is very much appreciated.


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CaynesHousewares sells a romertopf knock off. I usually just shop instore but I've heard their delivery is reasonable.

I had one of these clay bakers and lost it somewhere - I was going to replace it but my "up-ended flower pot/pizza stone" combo does a great job so I haven't bothered.