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Perfect Timing Bread & Dough Maker

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VA Susan

Perfect Timing Bread & Dough Maker

My Mom gave me her old West Bend Perfect Timing Bread and Doughmaker she got years ago.  I don't think it's been used very much. The only problem is that it doesn't have an instruction booklet with it. I had a second hand West Bend breadmachine years ago. It was a much simpler model and had very few choices of settings. It finally wore out. This one has a "One hour bread cycle" selection. Does anyone know what that means? It also has a setting just for doughmaking.  I used a recipe from my old West Bend instruction book and managed to bake a loaf of white Country bread using the setting for a basic White large loaf (1 1/2 pound). It was a bit overdone and was sunk in on the top but was edible otherwise.

Is there someone here who has one, and if so, could you please give some tips on how you use it? I may use it for plain white bread, but I usually make sourdough breads. I am wondering if it would be possible to stop it for longer rising times if I were to try doing sourdough in it?


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Kitchen Barbarian