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Guinness sandwich bread

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Guinness sandwich bread

I have been reading this blog for many months now and have been inspired and educated by so many bakers. I have used many of the wonderful techniques that ya'll write about (Sylvia's steaming method - genius!).

While I'm impressed by postings of boules, miches, baguettes, and batards, I wonder if there is room to post about a humble sandwich bread made with Guinness, oats, and honey. The recipe is from KAF Whole Grain Baking and is a regular bake for me.

The crumb is good for sandwiches and toast.

Just so I can have some artisan baking street cred, I made Peter Reinhart's whole wheat focaccia last week and am on day 10 of developing a sourdough starter (thanks to the excellent guidance of Teresa Hosier Greenway of

Thanks to everyone who participates in this blog and to Floyd for running it. I look forward to hitting the Reeder icon on my iPad every day to see what postings there are. A little bit of baking sunshine...



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Thanks for joining what I find as well to be a magnificent forum!

The bread looks delicious by the way! Of course there is room for sandwich breads on TFL! I couldn't ever remember when artisan meant only hardcrust : )

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and welcome to TFL.

Yes, there will always be room for a lovely (and no doubt delicious) bread like that.  Might you be able to share the recipe?


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Hi Paul,

The recipe is published in the King Arthur Whole Grain Baking book so I'd rather not copy it without permission. Sorry. The baking book is worth getting and you can find it at most bookstores or from King Arthur.


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Good looking loaf.

Welcome to the site!


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Guinness, oats and honey - three of my favorite things.  Beautiful bread!


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That's a beautiful looking bread and wonderful crumb you achieved.  Baking pans aren't cheating!

Nice bake,