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Anyone Adding Steam in a Breville Smart Oven ?

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Anyone Adding Steam in a Breville Smart Oven ?

I just purchased a Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven. I've roasted chicken and baked quick breads in it with wonderful results.

I bought a 12.5" diameter terra-cotta clay saucer and it worked great with Pizza. As well as any oven stone I've ever used. 


I'm on to my first sourdough boule tonight and was trying to decide if I should/could add any steam. I put a small ramekin in and preheated it with the clay saucer for a half an hour. When I added the bread I put a couple of ounces of water in the ramekin. I can't really tell how much it might have helped. I removed the ramekin after 10 minutes and there was just a little water left in it. I then turned on the convection fan. 

Anyone else trying adding steam in their Breville oven ?




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I set a coffee cup in the corner of the rack and put hot water in it.  when I preheat the oven.  When I am ready to put the bread in I add some more boiling water to the cup, put the bread in and shut the door.  Dook the cup out after 15 minutes and just left the temperature alone.  I didn't switch to convection though I thought about it.  Not sure why I didn't.   No idea if it helped or not but the bread came out great.  Only problem I have had with baking bread in the Breville is that when I do a loaf in a bread pan I always need to remember to put a piece of aluminum foil over the top about half way through baking or the top gets too brown before the bread gets done.  Just be sure the cup can take the heat.

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Thanks for the reply. I'm using steam for the first ten minutes now and it is making a difference in the rise I get. I keep the convection off during that time and then depending on the bread I turn it on for part of the baking time.

Pretty amazing little oven and it's certainly easy to get good bread in it.

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Hi guys,

I know this post is really old, but I was wondering if you guys think that the Breville would be a great alternative to a normal/home oven. I'm really getting fed up of my crappy apartment oven: broken oven door, gaps & holes everywhere, erratic temprature changes. I added the Breville oven to my shopping list & want to save some money to buy it.

A couple question before I finally committ to buying one...

- what are some baking limitation you have with the oven (other than size)?

- also, how high does the "bake" setting go? would i be able to make hearth style bread in the oven?

Thanks! Cordially, Ray

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mini oven and take it outside in the AZ summers to bake in.  It has a 12" square surface for baking.  It makes everything as well or better than my Big GE.   I steam in it using one, or two if they fit, steaming cups.  I even make 12"baguettes in them or any other bread that fits in 12".  I use the bottom of the broiler pan that comes with it and overturn a SS bowl over the bread to cloche it.  Anything in a bread pan fits.  I also put water in the bottom of the broiler pan and used the vented top to bake bread on all time to.  It roasts, broils, bakes and has convection for when the steam comes out.  It is the best performing appliance I have ever bought and worth the $99.  I'm looking for a small DO to fit in it.  All mine are too big.