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King Arthur Sir Galahad

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King Arthur Sir Galahad

I've never baked with anything other than KA flours: APF, Unbleached BF, White Whole Wheat and 100% Whole Wheat.  I've noticed KA Sir Galahad Flour is mentioned a lot in this forum.  What type of advantage does this style of flour have over the typical ones listed above which are sold in the grocery store?  Is it used for all types of breads in place of Unbleached Bread Flour?

Also, any idea where I can pick up 50# bags of flour in the Boston, MA area?

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Sir Galahad is the same flour as KAF AP.  Only advantage is that it's sold in 50# bags.

You can find out the name of the distributor in your area by visiting the KAF site, professional section.  Then give that distributor a call to see if it will sell to you.

Hope it works out for you.

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Pretty much nailed it with what Lindy said. The only reason I buy Galahad is because I work as a baker and it cost me just over $17 for a 50# bag of it. It's very cost effective for me,  and it works great too! : D

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Their Sir Galahad flour is simply their AP flour sold in bulk.  Their high-gluten flour, or “bread flour” is called Sir Lancelot. Even the bakery supply shop where I buy a lot of supplies didn’t know the various labels. I had to contact KA to get the straight dope. Who knew buying some dumb flour could get so complicated!?  :)

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4 years later...

Sir Lancelot is not the same as their bread flour. Their bread flour(blue package) is Special Patent(bulk label) and Sir Lancelot has an even higher gluten content.



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Kitchen Barbarian

King Arthur Flour = KAF
All tolerances are +/- 0.2%

  • Sir Galahad Flour = KAF All Purpose = 11.7% protein
  • Special Patent Flour = KAF Bread Flour = 12.7%
  • Sir Lancelot = KAF Hi-Gluten Flour = 14% protein
  • Round Table = KAF Pastry Flour = 7.8%
  • Queen Guinevere = KAF Cake Flour = 7%     NOTE:  Cake flour in retail consumer packaging has been DISCONTINUED in favor of their Cake Flour Blend, which is NOT cake flour, it's fake cake flour.  You can only get the Queen Guinevere in bulk, if you can find a place that sells KAF in bulk.

All of KAF's "professional" flours

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I just bought a 50# bag of K.A. Special Patent. The place where I got it, a restaurant supplier, insisted that Special Patent is K.A.'s A.P. flour. Didn't seem to matter that I tried to explain otherwise. They kept insisting. The invoice even says it's A.P. Between what I've read here on F.L. and what I've read in direct emails from K.A., there's no way the Special is A.P. I don't know why the supplier insisted on it though.

A side note: I buy my commercial ADY from these people too. A 2# package for $9.00. Compare that with the cost of those wee little things on the shelf at the grocery store.