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Sourdough Rye With Walnuts from(BREAD)

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Sourdough Rye With Walnuts from(BREAD)

This is my first ever walnut loaf. I loved it! It sure pairs well with sour cheeses/spreads. toasted, it is even better! Rye flavor is enhanced after 24 hours. It is basically a 50% Rye, 50% Bread Flour.

I adhered to Hamelman's Instructions, except the High Gluten Flour. My bread Flour is 12.9% Protein, and i increased the water in the final dough due to the high absorption of my Whole Rye (Dover Farm Organic).

I used a 100% Rye starter for this recipe. The Crust was chewy, and the crumb was moist tender, with a slight sourness to it. The walnuts are a blast to have in this loaf. All in all iam quite Happy with this bread and i, God's Willing, shall bake it many times to come.



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Debra Wink

It's hard to choose a favorite from Bread, but this one is on my short list. (It's also great with 18% currants added---a tip from the Master himself.)


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I really like the crumb!! I admire your loaves! GREAT, Khalid!!

Happy baking,



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Thank you, Debrah! Tip noted!

Thank you Akiko!

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Hi Khalid

I love that reddish brown colour in the crust from the rye flour.   Crumb is excellent in that big miche; a fine photograph

Never made this one, but recommendations from you, Debra and Mr Hamelman make it high on the priority list.   Very rare I keep walnuts in store; not my favourite nut, although they are good in bread.   Prefer pecans myself!!

Best wishes


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I've baked that recipe a number of times and the combination of the rye and walnuts is excellent.  Very nice crumb you got (the extra hydration helped I'm sure) and you certainly don't have to look far to find the walnuts. 

Nice bake!


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Thank you, Andy! Oh you have got to try this one.. it is the best Rye i've eaten. I don't know how it would fair excluding the 1tsp yeast in the final dough, but i think i might give it a try.

Thanks, Larry! this means alot coming from you and andy!

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I spent last February visiting my family in Germany and fell in love with Walnut Rye bread. I simply enjoyed it with good butter or a good cheese. Even there, the store had difficulty storing this lovely bread. Perhaps I will find the courage to make a loaf(i am not a baker).


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Well done!

Walnuts may achieve their pinnacle in bread! I also like to put blue cheese in it though I do that in my straight flour loaves...

I have been thinking about doing another batch of walnut bread and I think you pushed me over the edge!


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Looks perfect!  I agree with the above - this really makes me want to bake some walnut bread.  If I can get one that looks half this good I will be thrilled!


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Hi Khalid,

Okay...I'm going to get some walnuts now! Loaf looks fantastic! Bet it taste great.  I can imagine walnuts and rye would be a tasty pairing.

Best wishes, Daisy_A

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Thank you, Doris. I have not sampled any Rye from Germany, but iam sure Germans are masters of Rye. Do gather some courage and start baking! It is a very rewarding experience!

Thanks, Jay! True, I've never enjoyed walnuts as i did in bread. This bread practically has enough Walnuts, that each sliced is almost guaranteed to contain some.

Thank you Marcus! i love your wonderful attempts at whole grain breads! keep posting.

Thank you Daisy, couldn't agree with you more, Walnuts and Rye are just perfect. I quote my wife saying: "This is a snack, not bread".


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BeeYOOtiful, Kahlid. That crumb shot! Looks veeeery yum!


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Mini Oven

than rye and walnuts!  Except maybe walnuts and rye.  An excellent bake!

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Excellent breads. Your crust color is what i'm looking for too bad that my oven has hot spot and very hard to get to point I want my crust color.




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Do you rotate your bread during the bake? Maybe you could try doing so a couple of times, say after 15 minutes, and again 12 or so minutes later, then turning the oven down to around 200C/390F for the remainder of the bake. That might be a way around your oven hotspot issue.


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I rotate my baking after 15 mins; I even move my breads to a rack higher. I think I may slowly solve my problems by playing around with my oven. Thank you.


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Thank you Ross, mini, and Kim!


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Hello Khalid, I love the color of the crust, and the contrast and perfect distribution of those beautiful walnuts in the crumb. This bread looks very, very appealing!
from breadsong

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Thank you, breadsong. I seriously advise any Home baker to give this recipe a shot. Pure Rye delight!

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Khalid, you are an endless source of temptations!

Did you knead the dough extensively after having inserted the walnuts? I ask because I noticed that they tend to color the dough with a violet hue if you knead long enough.

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Thanks, Nico!

First Off, There is some Purple coloring surrounding each walnut, it just isn't obvious due to the spot light under which i took this Pic.

Secondly, the walnuts were not chopped, so minimal oil have leaked to the dough.

I have only kneaded the dough to incorporate the walnuts after having moderately developed the dough.