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A Celebration of Armenian Lavash

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Pop N Fresh

A Celebration of Armenian Lavash


I Love Lavash!  I love this video! I love their team-work and syncrinization. I love their skill and precision.  I Love this music.


Does anyone know the words to this song?


Watch on YouTube:


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Regarding the song: I suggest you contact Dickran Kouymjian. He is head of the Armenian Studies programs at CSU Fresno and at the U. of Paris. His e-mail is:


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Oh, how I enjoyed watching this video! I love seeing traditional methods of baking & cooking - so much of our community today is gone, or almost gone. I do most of my baking totally by hand, so I identify with these grandmas all the more!

I live in the Boston area, and recently moved to a community where there are a high percentage of Armenians (we have a Armenian museum here, too, which I plan to visit as soon as this snow decides to leave us!). We have *several* places where I can buy lavash already made, (in addition to so many other delicious items) but of course, I'm going to try my hand at this.

What a wonderful bit of info you shared, David! I hope pchef will be able to get info on the music (if there are lyrics to it). I immediately thought of how the music def reflected the suffering of the Armenian people.

Thanks for posting this. My son's girlfriend just found out she is part Armenian, and wants to learn about the culture. I'm going to share this with her.


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I've watched it 5 times already and will watch many more. What beautiful women doing amazing work. I just love seeing this kind of thing. Thank you so much for sharing.


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Not Armenian but the work and sense of pride I got from that video is wonderful! They remind me of a bunch of native American elders working together for a wake or tea for other things. Laughter and dignity in all they do!