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Catherine Clark style wheat bread

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Catherine Clark style wheat bread

After paying $4.29 for one loaf of Catherine Clark bread, I would like to try making something comparable but not sure how to begin. I love this style of bread for toast and sandwiches. I am a novice baker but am eager to learn. Can someone point me in the right direction? For those not familiar with this bread--it is dense, moist and yummo!

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Using a quick search on google I found some links for information on this and discovered she has a cookbook or two out there that you could search for.  Simply put in her name and search for bread recipe or cookbook.  This would help you to at least figure out a recipe, once you have that you could look through the lessons and handbook sections, plus watch some of the videos to help you understand the process of making bread.  Make sure you keep posting with questions etc as you go through the process, so that we can help you. 

I am not familiar with this bread, so have no clue what to tell you otherwise. Looking forward to hearing how your search goes.


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Try this; it's not CC per se, but it is moist and dense. Also has a great graphic, step by step, detailed tutorial with plenty of advice. Read all the questions/comments on the blog and the recipe.  Should be great for a novice.

 Blog tutorial:

King Arthur is a great site to learn bread baking. All from a single source. No hundreds of conflicting opinions and such. Plenty of on site feedback. Hundreds of tested, recipes. You can usually find a recipe there that's pretty close to anything you want to bake. Good luck!

BTW, is Catherine Clark bread still around?