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Flour notes for KC area bakers

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Postal Grunt

Flour notes for KC area bakers

I found Heartland Mills organic flour available at the Bad Seed Farmers Market last week. Bad Seed is a combination of an organic farmers market and class room area for cooking and food preparation classes. One the venders there has AP, AP with malted barley flour, whole wheat, whole wheat pastry flour, and Golden Buffalo. The prices seem reasonable at $6.50+tax for 5# for all but the GB which is $7/5#. The market is open from 4-8PM on Fridays from May through January so the time to check them out is now. They're located at 1909 McGee and there's a fair amount of free parking available in the area.

If you haven't been to Wally World lately, you'll be surprised when you see the new packaging for WheatMontana flours in the 5# bag. They switched to a zippered bag that is flatter than the previous packaging. If it's here in Leavenworth, KS, it should be in other WalMarts. The local price is $3/5# for the Natural White (now rated at 5g per serving!) and the whole wheat.

I have no business connections with Bad Seed and don't own stock or have any connections with WalMart, other than the money that I've spent there..

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Mary Clare

Glad to hear it!  Last month I paid a hefty price for the Golden Buffalo to be shipped to me, and have just gotten around to making my first loaf with it (Thom Leonard's Country French).  

I have also seen Wheat Montana's 25 lb. bags of wheat berries at a Kansas City Wal-Mart for $13-$14, a good price.

Mary Clare in MO