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Heading to Berlin to Bake Bread!

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Sam Fromartz

Heading to Berlin to Bake Bread!

I am heading to Berlin for 10 days, during which I'll spend part of the time in a bakery trying to learn about rye and whole grain breads. This is for the book I'm working on. If anyone out there has any suggestions for must-see, must-eat, must-do things in Berlin during this frigid month let me know.

Thanks, Sam


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What a terrific experience!  

Maybe a call to Jeff Hamelman might garner some suggestions?  

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Have a great trip and bring back a wealth of knowledge! That's all I can recommend!

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Well, could not find short baking classes in berln, finally i headed for paris, did a 5 days practical course at

The ecole de boulangerie et de patisserie de paris, and was quite satisfied...