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Baking/cooking supplier....fantastic quality/prices

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Baking/cooking supplier....fantastic quality/prices

I just received my first order from The Web Restaurant store. WOW.....they not only have amazing prices but  the order was placed on the 5th and I  got it this AM and the shipping charge was cheap. The quality of every item I ordered is perfect. Packaging perfect also. This is what I got and the prices so you will have a rough idea. 

3 pkgs of 100 sheets each...parchment paper. 4.39 ea

10" hi heat silicon scrapers 2.39 ea

6"x3" beautiful metal and wood cutter/dough scraper 1.49 ea ( these are gorgeous ) 

boar bristle pastry brushes 2"- 2.49 ea

6 qt heavy duty white dough buckets w/ measurements 2.99 ea !!!  ( again they are beautiful)

lids for buckets 1.19 ea


They have LOTS more and I am so pleased I am already getting another order together. Take a look at their website.



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Oh my.  I wonder if Pat (Proth5) has seen that.

Some interesting stuff there.  Thanks for the link.

Here's the actual link:

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I HAD to follow that link since the word "sheeter" was mentioned.

The problem with those countertop models is that they really aren't built for lamination work.

But I keep thinking about them anyway...


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Dou you mean (no "re")?

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trailrunner  ( no re) and yes I saw that sheeter too....whew they have some cool stuff. c

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Anyone know an inexpensive source for brotforms?


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Thanks for the link.  After running into the "scam" loop address (using the full word restaurant), I did a google search and found the correct address.  But then I could not find half the products you ordered.

I did find the parchment paper, but no 10" hi heat silicon scrapers (the only scraper is a 6" plastic bowl scraper for 69 cents), no dough cutter or scraper and no dough buckets or lids.  I searched all the baking categories but just didn't find these items. Have they discontinued them?




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Bob, try this link which points to the scrapers and spatula:

I haven't looked for the buckets yet, but their search system seems to work great.



Update; here are the buckets:

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If you need knives...?

I ran into this site a while back. Haven't ordered anything from them yet, but it looks very promising.

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Thanks.  I found the dough scraper (under pizza supplies) and thanks for the lead to the buckets.