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some recent baking and book update

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some recent baking and book update

hi all,

thought you might be interested in what i've been up to lately, so here are some recent pics.

the book is moving along.  the editing is done and i'm going over the corrected manuscript and getting some more photos together.  our publisher has a designer working on the internal design, and i gather that the finished book is going to run somewhere around 320-360 pages.  we're moving toward the prepublication home stretch and i can't believe it's actually happening.

besides all that, some of you have probably noticed that we did a radical redesign of the website.  after over a year in business, we decided it was time for a more polished look ... the idea being that we're pretty sure we'll be in business for a while.  thanks to everyone in the TFL community for your support and encouragement.

Stan Ginsberg

so here are the pics:

French cookiesCheckerboard cakeRainbow cookies


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Very nice Stan, can't wait for the release!

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No breads? lol!

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but you guys have seen a lot of those.  but to slake your curiosity, here's a celebration challah (braided & unbaked) i did not too long ago for a baby-naming, along with a raw doubleknot and some bagels.

Sunday morningcelebration challah braiddouble knot roll


PS: I took a second look at that challah and realized it's the first stage, not the complete bread, so here's the complete bread:

celebration challah, completed

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The site looks good, Stan.

Looking forward to seeing the book.


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makes mine look sick, although everyone has been gobbling, the eggnog tarts, eggnog cookies and the apple pear pies I made on Thurs!

I am getting that book if the stuff you bake is any indication of the book its worth every penny it will cost me!

I shall have to look at the new website and that will give me another dose of wish I could order thats!


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those recipes came directly from the book.  incidentally, i couldn't find glace cherries (for the cookies) anywhere, so i went into my local bakery, where the baker still does it all, and was given a gift of the cherries you see in the pics.  when i told them what i was planning on baking, the baker's wife swooned over the idea of rainbow cookies, which her husband doesn't make ("a lot of work").  so of course i went back with a large plate of both cookies -- coals to Newcastle, so to speak -- and got an enthusiastic thumbs-up.  what a great boost to my ego (as if it needs boosting LOL).

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the rainbow ones do look like a lot of work, but what's the matter with that, I bet they taste wonderful, and everyone loves that you do all that work for them!

I can relate to the cherries problem, I couldn't find candied pineapple wedges in different colours they are used for the decor on the tops of my light Xmas cakes, so had to buy plain old yellow ones, and drip food colour on until they turned the colour I wanted, so had really intense green, and red wedges of pineapple. I bought tiny tubs of the pineapple slices (barely two per tub) for 4 dollars a tub, they used to have at least 3 rings in a tub, one yellow, 1 red, and one green but not anymore, you can barely find candied pineapple at all.

So I decided I'd try making my own for next year, along with cherries and citrus peels, so will be having fun!

I made orange fruitdrops this year, and they were delicious, I used my cookie scoop for the first time since buying it, and that sure made some nice even cookies, those I use a whole mandarine orange (mini one, or a clemetine) and don't worry about zesting the peel and juicing and having a whole lot of orange left over! Didn't make my spritz cookies this year or my whipped shortbreads, but everyone ate what I did make so it must have been good!

Looked at the website, and got the wish I had some of thats real bad, so will have to figure out a way to get some of that! LOL

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Lovely pics Stan!  The book sounds like it's going to be epic!  Read the other thread too.  Your checkerboard cake looks like Battenburg cake minus the marzipan and I love the rainbow slices.   all the best Joanna