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Where can I find an 8.5" x 4" Loaf pan?

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Moby Ick

Where can I find an 8.5" x 4" Loaf pan?

So I've been working my way through PR's whole grain artisan bread book with fairly good results. I noticed that for the his sandwich loaves, he is recommending a 8.5 x 4 loaf pan instead of the standard 8.5 x 4.5.  Is this a typo? If not where can I get one? I've just spent an hour online looking through amazon and the various other kitchen gear sites with no luck. 


Thanks for any suggestions

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I am working my way through the "Healthy" version of Jeff H.'s Artisan Breads in 5 Minutes a Day book, and I tried the Whole Wheat Sandwich bread in both a bigger than 8.5 x 4 pan and a smaller than 8.5  x 4 pan.  Both came out too brown on top and not done in the middle.  I have a feeling getting a 8.5 x 4 pan (which I can't seem to find, incidentally) is not going to help with the not-done-in-the-middle thing.  Does anyone have any suggestions?