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Nancy Silverton's Sourdough Rye Buckwheat Blinis

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louie brown's picture
louie brown

Nancy Silverton's Sourdough Rye Buckwheat Blinis

I always wanted to try these and now I am very glad I did. The flavor of the buckwheat is fantastic. Silverton uses a rye starter, the buckwheat, and white flour. She prescribes yeast, baking powder and soda. There is sifting of flour and separating of eggs, the whites being folded in. All this results in a very rich, tender product that is just delicious. What better way to start the year than with some of these topped with homemade creme fraiche and some American hackleback caviar! Happy New Year to all.


GSnyde's picture

Sounds itchy.

Nice looking blinis.


louie brown's picture
louie brown

Now, that's funny. Probably not the first edible bikini, though. Thanks for the heads up.

OldWoodenSpoon's picture

Those look yummy!  Almost enough to get me to try caviar.  It is not my thing, but yours look delicous.


SylviaH's picture

Never made or ate a blinis : )  but yours look fabulous!  


wally's picture

as is the presentation, Louie.  A nice way to ring in the New Year!

Good baking in 2011!


louie brown's picture
louie brown

Larry, Syivia and OWS. These are not difficult to make and the buckwheat is very tasty. Miles ahead of anything you can buy. The creme fraiche was even easier, and the American caviar made it affordable.

Sylvia, wait until you see what happened when I tried to emulate your curved scoring on a batard coming.