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Boxing Day baking

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Boxing Day baking

I had to work Chistmas day for the last time before I retire in January. It was a quiet day with lots of empty beds, quite unusual for out ICU. We had a lottery for Boxing Day and I won the day off. I visited with my sister and her husband for a while and went home and set up a batch of bagels for Boxing Day morning. I had some small spots where they spilt and I am not sure why. I couldn't find my timer and guessed on 2 minutes for the boil so that may be the problem. Noone seemed to care though and they tasted great.


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Those are some of the best looking home made bagels I've seen. Makes me want to bake a batch. Plus, I've got some high gluten flour I need to start using up. What recipe did you use?

Wonder if the "splits" were due to the method of shaping. Which method did you use? Looks like maybe where the two ends are rolled together, the seal wasn't quite up to snuff(at the split).

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to mrfrost

I used Peter Reinhart's recipe from the Bread Bakers Apprentice.  I have some barley malt that I got at a beer making shop. i use that both in my bagels and in the water that I boil them in along with the baking soda. I like the colour as well as the slightly sweet taste to the crust. 

I roll my dough into balls and let them rest a few minutes then roll out into long cigar shape then shape it around my hand and roll it on the bench to seal the edges. Peter shows a picture in his book but I saw a video online of a master bagel maker doing hundreds at a time. it was amazing. I am not that fast or efficient. :-)


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Those are lovely.

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And Happy New Year,