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Honeyville farms rye flour

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Honeyville farms rye flour

Rye flour seems to be the hardest to get.    Around here, I can get Hodgson's Mill stone ground which is flavorful but gritty, and Arrowhead Mills organic which is a an excellent whole rye, and tiny little extremely expensive bags of Bob's Red Mill labeled dark rye which I've never tried.  I have never seen anything in the supermarkets for either light or medium rye, and I've looked around a lot.   I see that on Amazon, they sell 50 pound bags of Honeyville Farms medium rye for a very reasonable price.   Has anyone tried this and is it any good?   

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Never made a purchase yet, but I believe buying direct from Honeyville is a little cheaper. Plus, if you get on their email list, they quite regularly(about monthly) send 10% off coupons for any orders. A couple or so times a year, the offer will be for 15% off.  They just sent a 15% off in Oct, so another probably won't come til about April. There will surely be 10 percents until then though. Maybe you will get a 15 though when you first sign up though. Shipping is always just $4.49 for any size order.

Sign up on any page there.

I will add that you may eventually learn that not matter how finely ground, that since rye doesn't make gluten, breads made with mostly rye flours just are not going to have the textures we are familiar with from wheat flours. Many "rye" breads with that "familiar texture" are made with mostly wheat flours. The more rye flour used, the more higher gluten content flour will be needed.

Good luck.

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That sounds like a great deal.   I'll take a look.  

As far as the rye goes, as I understand it, it is not only a matter of how finely ground  (which is the big difference between Hodgson's Mill and Arrowhead Mills.)   White rye is just like white flour (wheat) in that the bran and husk are stripped out.   I recently baked with white rye (around 1/3 white rye and 2/3 high gluten wheat flour) and found it was completely different in flavor and characteristics from a whole rye flour.  For my purposes though, white rye is really too mild, and much of the flavor is stripped away.   So I'm thinking that medium rye is the way to go.   I don't necessarily want 50lb but I can't find it locally and try to stay away from King Arthur shipping charges whenever possible. 

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I sell organic rye flour for .60 per pound stone ground or .80 per pound fine ground. This is a whole grain product and makes great rye bread.