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My first ever Stollen!

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ronnie g

My first ever Stollen!

Christmas Stollen

 Before I'd come to TFL or read PR's BBA, I'd never heard of Stollen, but it looked appealing to me and something different to go with fresh coffee on Christmas morning.  I probably didn't get the blanketing fold absolutely correct, but it tasted beautiful and was a big success in my household.  I'm not sure if I'll make it again next year, but seeing as there are more seasonal breads to try, it might feature sometime in the future.


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Great looking bread, Ronnie!

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It is amazing.  It is your first?  Yours looks much better than the one at my local fresh market(and they are the top notch market here).




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I made about two dozen Stollen this year and yours look very good, Ronni.

If you make them next year, get some Marzipan (almond paste) and roll it into a rope and put it in the fold.  It adds a very nice authentic touch to the bread.

Since I like almonds, I have also taken to adding about a Tablespoon of almond extract to my doughs.