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Hamelman's Golden Raisin Bread

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Hamelman's Golden Raisin Bread

This is my first golden raisin bread. I used Bread flour for both Whole wheat and White. I handeled the dough more than i should, and thus deflated it considerably. The house smelled of Raisins! Really nice bread, and i bet it would taste better toasted.

All in all, i like it! But i think it should taste better if yeast is left out.



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Good Morning: 

Your bread looks beautiful as usual. In my opinion, your breads are always a masterpiece.  Having said that I don't understand your comments" All in all, I like it!........"  If you left out the yeast, how would the bread  turn out?  How could it tastes better?  I am perplexed???




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Hi Khalid, really pretty bread. Great crust, great crumb and color. What's not to like? Were your looking for more sour notes, and would it have risen as well with sour dough alone?  Ray

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Your photos are beautiful and you have some lovely golden-yellow raisins in those crumb shots. I've got to put golden raisins on my shopping list now!
Regards, breadsong

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The are lovely to look at and eat.  I'm so hooked on them for baking, I use very little dark raisins and usually replace them with the Graisin in recipes.

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And an 100% sourdough without commercial yeast doesn't have to be sourer, a wheat sourdough is milder than a rye sourdough, anyway.


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Hi, mantana

Thank you.. !I think an all sourdough  would complement the sweetness from the raisins better.

Thanks, Ray. I may be hooked on Wholewheat so much, that i'am unable to savor any bread without a sour note to it.

Thanks, Breadsong. Those raisins were pricier than i thought, but well worth it.

Thank you sylvia, your version was better looking.

Thanks Karin, I still love the lactobacilli effect on my breads. I was planning on leaving the yeast out, but that meant a late night bake.

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Hi Khalid,

Awesome looking bread, as ever.

Do you think you may also have had greater stability in the proof if you'd stuck to natural leaven only?   I ask that as you mention the dough deflated as you got to the baking stage.   Maybe a naturally leavened loaf is easier to catch whilst still just on the rise, rather than the yeasted version here which you were baking slightly over?

I see you had reasons to be using yeast for your bake schedule.   But, I think we both agree that Hamelman's recipes with levain, can be made using the small amount of commercial yeast, or omitting it.   They work either way, just with a different time schedule needed

Love the Golden Raisins too


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Thanks! Yes, Andy, you are right..Natural leaven will give the dough more strength to hold more bubbles. The dough could also have used more fermentation time.