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Chocolate Orange Panettone for Christmas

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Chocolate Orange Panettone for Christmas

Hello, There have been so many beautiful Panettones baked and posted about here on TFL this Christmas season.
Thanks Daisy_A, SylviaH and others for your inspiration!

These Panettone are from Artisan Breads at Home by Eric Kastel. This is a sponge bread, mixed and baked today. They are flavored with orange zest, candied orange peel, chopped chocolate and chocolate ganache! Advanced Bread and Pastry has a chocolate glaze for Panettone so that's what I used. It is thinner than the glaze Sylvia used - next time I may try hers - it was so attractive.

Here are some pictures, before baking (one unglazed, one glazed), and two after baking.

We'll be cutting into one of these for breakfast tomorrow.
Merry Christmas everyone!
Regards, breadsong


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Your Panettone's are lovely and mushroomed up so nicely in the tins, I strive to get the mushroomed top, rather than just a rounded one.  They make for a very pretty and tasty Christmas breakfast table!

Merry Christmas!


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Hi Sylvia, thanks so much. This bread was very tasty, and very rich! I had a slice yesterday and one today and like the flavor just a little bit better today.
I'd like to make this again sometime with your almond paste glaze - it was so pretty.
Regarding the rise, my goodness this dough didn't want to stop! The dough had instant dry yeast % of 2.8% relative to the flour. 3/4 of the yeast went into the sponge - and the sponge was ready after only 1 hour. I proofed the loaves at 80F and I wish I'd kept track of how long they took to proof, but they had tripled before I baked them.  I mixed the dough in my stand mixer until intensive mix and I was happy with how it supported all of the goodies added in - and grateful it didn't deflate due to overproofing. It did proof relatively quickly and I had other bread still baking in the oven when this bread was ready to go!
Merry Christmas to you as well - from breadsong


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I was just going through the recent blog entries looking for ideas when I came upon this.   I'm not in the market for pannetone, but your presentation is absolutely gorgeous.   Maybe some day.   Thanks for sharing.

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You are so kind! Thanks from breadsong

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Hi breadsong,

These look gorgeous! The flavour combinations sound lovely.

Love your panettone moulds, also.

With best wishes for the Season, Daisy_A

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Hello Daisy_A, Thank you so much. I was really happy to try out another of Mr. Kastel's formulas. I do hope to try your Panettone sometime - I've marked your panettone posts as 'favorites'. The orange/chocolate in this loaf is good, but I also love a fruit loaf...and those limoncello-soaked-raisins written about in your post sound so compelling!!!

The panettone tins were picked up years ago at Sur La Table. I think they're still sold by I will try to get more use out of them this year - I think Larry's Cheese Bread will bake up beautifully in these - will tuck this idea away for future gifts from the kitchen!

In addition to what was written in your posts about panettone cases, I just found this post on TFL that talks about alternatives for panettone tins (charlotte molds and a link to an Italian site that shows another way to make a paper baking mold):

Thank you for providing me with baking inspiration for panettone this holiday season - it's been a long time since I'd made one and it was fun to make this type of bread again!
From breadsong

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Hi breadsong,

Thanks for information on your lovely moulds. 

I'm really pleased you enjoyed the panettone post. 

Limoncello soaked raisins was nico's inspiration. Apparently the longer Italian tradition is to put them in dry. However I'm happy to go with nico's 'new tradition'! I followed advice in one of Larry's posts and dried them well before adding them. 

Many thanks for the links to the other information on moulds. I really liked the stapled mould with the flower shape round the dough ball - so clever. It also let me see that my dough balls are the right size when they go in. They look so tiny!

Paper moulds arrived in time to do some for family and friends, which was good. However the home made mould also baked out pretty well.

Hope you get a chance to do the recipe sometime.

I am also being inspired by all the lovely things you are baking,

With best wishes, Daisy_A

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frankie g

i think that your panetone is just beautiful.  Very inspiring.

I hope to make soon.

Frankie G