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Hamelman's WholeWheat with Multigrain Soaker

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Hamelman's WholeWheat with Multigrain Soaker

This is my first Yeast only miltigrain wholewheat from Hamelman's BREAD under Preferments:

I accidentally used 1T extra of sea salt. To my surprise the bread even tasted better!

Happy Holidays to everyone!



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Bet it is awsome as toast, too !

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Very Happy Holidays to you too Khalid

I can't think that you are going to move over to yeasted bread from natural leaven?!

Best wishes for 2011


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Seems like the only time I use pate fermentee is at work when some dough is left over from a day earlier that gets recycled.

Happy Holidays and good baking in 2011!


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How do you cut those slices so evenly, Khalid?  

It's a beautiful bread.

Have a wonderful holiday!

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The sourdough version is one of my favorites. How do you like the yeasted one?


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Both the loaves and crumb should please anyone. Nicely done ;-)


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Thanks To All of you!

Andy, Actually, i was tutoring my aunt, and i thought that levains will be far too advanced for her. Levain breads are still my favorites.

I understand, Larry, but i like yeast preferments too.. They have some unique sweetness to them, and with wholewheat they just get better.

Thanks, Lindy! I have invested in a $13 Bread knife that has a narrow serrated balde. It cuts exactly where i want it to.

Thanks, David! My family liked the sourdough more, and so did i.

Thank you Ron!