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Parchment paper in toaster oven ?

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Parchment paper in toaster oven ?

Would parchment paper be to close to the elements in a toaster oven ? Does anyone use it in theirs ?

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I think it would be too close to the toasting elements, but it would depend on the size of your toaster oven, as I gather some of them are quite large.  Mine is on the small size, and I do use it for toasting almonds which I always put on a foil tray, and I have to watch them very closely because they burn very fast.

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Never in a toaster oven,broiler,or under halogen light ovens.

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"Just read the box".  Oh Boy!  Haven't we all done that a time or two.

Doors labeled "pull" reduce the speed of those who push before they read ;>}

Welcome to the club

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I have a Breville SmartOven and a Hamilton Beach Rotisserie toaster oven and use parchment paper in them all the time.   One of the tricks is to make sure that is not too much parchment paper hanging loose from the loaf.  If you keep it fairly close to the loaf and don't let the paper get too close to the heating elements it works very well.