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Semolina bread

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Semolina bread

I'm very proud of these Semolina loaves I baked today, and I'm going to indulge myself further by posting a couple of pic's.  If anyone would like it I can post the recipe? I got it from this site somewhere anyway, I think!

Just ate a big chunk and it's lovely,substantial but soft and light.....Slightly peanuty...

Hope you like them!

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very pretty!  I just bought a bag of semolina.  I'd like the recipe.

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This recipe is great, I made the bread yesterday afternoon, and it tastes even better this morning it seems.

I've got a ferment (the firm, dry-ish kind) in the fridge, that I use for making white sourdough. Actually I use that in just about all the bread I make.

Good luck, hope it works for you! Recipe in grammes I'm afraid !

(makes 2 loaves)

225g white bread flour,

200g ferment,

10g yeast (fresh),

225g semolina flour,


300g warm water,

11g salt,

1 tbl spoon honey, or 1.5 teaspoonful sugar,

30g toasted sesame seeds.

mix flour and water, autolyse for half hour – add everything else and work/knead 10 minutes.

leave in bowl for 2 hr's or refridgerate overnight..

leave at room temp' for 45 min's.

Divide dough in half, Shape to batards,

proof on couche till tripled (4-5 hr's.)

egg wash & sprinkle plenty of sesame seeds on the loaves - Slash and Bake at 220°C or 450°F for the first 5 min's, then turn oven down to 200°C or 400°F for another 40 - 45 min's.

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Mary Clare

My order of durum flour from Heartland Mills came this week, and yesterday I baked my first loaf of sandwich bread from it.  It is 1/3 whole white wheat, 2/3 finely ground durum.  The dough was bouncy and I tried to be careful not to knead too long.  The rise was good but not spectacular, and the bread and rolls turned out yummy.  The crumb is fine but not dense at all, silky, and the color is a lovely creamy yellow.  I bought 4 lbs. of durum flour and wish I had bought more...I'll be looking for a local source.

Mary Clare

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Really very nice!

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I tried baking Italian Semolina Bread. I find the dough is very sticky....although it rise very fast but it stick to the bowl ...when i try to slash the dough before baking. it deflate..