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Hi there,

This is my first blog from across the atlantic and i wonder if somebody could help me with conversions.   I am looking to make the White Sandwich Bread from Crust and Crumb and it asks for 4 cups (16 ounces) of ferment and 3 1/2 cups (16 ounces) of flour. Why are the ounces the same and the cups different?  Depending upon the ferment does this then make the conversion different

The cups i have here are 250ml




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Hello from across the world and Welcome to TFL

Cups measure volume, not weight. (Think of 'a cup of down feathers' vs 'a cup of lead').

All of us have slightly different methods for filling a cup with flour, so the weight of flour in 'a cup of flour' can range in the vicinity of 125 -145 grams. (16 oz = 454 grams, so in Crust Crumb a cup of flour weighs 130 gram)

If you have scales it would be a very good idea to use them and weigh your ingredients, that way you can be sure you are using the same quantities as the author.

Best wishes with your bread.


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Thanks Robyn,

I can not believe i posted that question as my first blog, elementary dear watson.....elementary!!

Just goes to show how long ago I attended school!

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actual weights and simple conversion charts from ounces to grams can be easily googled. 

Happy baking !


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It is always best to weigh ingredients instead of using volume measurements. I was taught a 'cup' of white AP flour is about 130-140 grams in weight. If you scoop it up you can get anywhere from about 120 to 160 grams, quite a range and likely to have serious consequences for your bread!