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Celebrate Chanukah with Doughnuts

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Celebrate Chanukah with Doughnuts

Instead of the usual Chanukah latkes, this year I took the plunge and made my own Cinnamon-Sugar Buttermilk Doughnuts.  Aside from a deep fryer mishap, they were a success.  Recipe and story  are here:

doughnuts with milk

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while wiping drool off the keyboard!  Those look great!


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Thanks so much Paul! 

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People were killed, we survived, let's eat!

And eating doughnuts and other fried things is considered a religious duty ;o)

(Beats fruitcake!)

Those look sooooooo good!

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Do you think french fries would be considered a religious duty food as well?

Thanks for your kind words!

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I think you're supposed to eat one each night for eight nights.  If they're still fresh, it'll be a miracle!

Happy Hannukah!


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Ha Ha!!  That would be a miracle.

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Thanks for the link to the recipe...I just happen to have the buttermilk and the rest... my husband loves donuts ... and I could eat a few too!


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Thanks Sylvia,

Don't you love it when you have buttermilk in the fridge and a recipe to use it up?

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And I loved your blog write-up!

I must start a file of recipes I'm going to try when I've lost 20 pounds!

Happy Chanukah!


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Thanks David,

Ah, the excess 20 pounds.  I think all of us bread freaks live with that affliction!

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What great looking doughnuts! I'm German and we traditionally eat doughnuts on New Year's Eve. Every year I'm tempted to make my own but don't (because of the deep frying part - just like you say in your blog). Now I think I should try it. What do you do with the Crisco after you used it - and can you use it more than once?

Thanks for a great write-up!


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Hi Kristen,

Glad you liked the post.  Deep frying is not as scary as it seems if you have a candy thermometer and the right pot. Cast iron or enamelled iron are good.  I did not save the crisco as it is unlikely that I will make these again before next year.  if you are going to be frying again soon, I don't see why you could not reuse it.  It will solidify at room temp so you'd have to melt it again before using.  Just strain it while still liquid to get rid of any doughnut crumbs.


Good luck.