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Waste not/want to use that extra starter

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Waste not/want to use that extra starter

Alto and sax , my white and rye starters, were outgrowing their containers since I have been feeding and not discarding . I did this on purpose as I need the discard for lots of other goodies. Here is the best yet. I have made this particular banana bread several times but this time I did a couple different things and it paid off.

First I fed both starters 2 x to get them really going...I store them in the fridge so they needed perking up. I also coated the 8" x 4" bread pans with PAM and then a heavy coating of raw sugar, also dusted the tops before baking. Wow...the loaves are so light and tasty and the coating just simply makes them melt in your mouth.  I also converted the recipe to grams so that consistency could be achieved for those of you that are not used to cup measures. I am recording the doubled amounts that I can halve it if you need to. This makes 3 loaves of 8x4 bread pans. 

2/3 c. butter softened ( 150 g)

2 c white sugar ( 400 g)

2 lrg eggs ( approx 100g)

4 c unsifted AP flour ( 500 g) 

2 tsp baking powder ( 10 g ) 

1 tsp baking soda ( 5 g)

2 tsp salt ( 10 g)

2 c mashed very ripe bananas ( 450 g) I keep them in the freezer till I have enough

2 c sourdough starter freshly fed ( 450 g) I have mine at 75%-100 % hydration and I used 1 cup each rye and white starters . 

1 1 /2  c chopped pecans or your favorite nut ( 200g) 

1 tsp vanilla ( 5 g)

finely zested peel from one orange 

Cream butter and sugar until light and creamy, I use my KA on 1 and then up to 3 to get it very light. Add eggs and cont. till well mixed and light. Add vanilla and orange zest and mix lightly. 

Combine the bananas and starter(s) and beat lightly. Add to above on "1" just till mixed. Combine all dry ingredients and fold into above batter by hand. Fold in chopped nuts. Have your oven set at 350. Coat pans as described above and divide batter in 3 pans. Press extra sugar on top of loaves. Place in center of oven and bake for 55 min. till knife comes clean when inserted in center of loaf. 

Let loaves cool in pans for 10 min and then finish cooling on racks...that is if you can wait...we couldn't ! The bread is so tender and light and flavorful. The riper the bananas are the better. Also store them in the freezer in their skins for full flavor and then thaw and squeeze them into the measuring cup. 

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Hi Caroline

While salt is one of the notorious ones for converting volume to weight, I suspect that might be a typo on the salt conversion .......

I have a banana bread recipe I was given at Bamfield on Vancouver Island, it's delicious but knowing how much I like discard pancakes, I'm figuring I'll do a trial next time I've some 'black' bananas. Thanks for the idea.

Cheers, Robyn

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I fixed it. we love the pancakes and waffles too...I add it to everything. The big difference was using the fed really lightens the final product. Let me know how it goes. This is a very good recipe. I have also used applesauce instead of the bananas...same volume and pumpkin too so you can try anything that you want...add dried cranberries and different nuts and chopped adapts to almost anything as long as you keep the volume the same. Also if you don't have enough starter you can sub some buttermilk in the batter and it tastes great. c

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Will try your recipe now as I am just waiting on my butter softening and was planning to make a couple of banana loaves. My daughters love to take them to work to share for morning tea. Recipe sounds yummy, thanks.