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Dough for 30 Pizza's - It's a Bday Party!

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Dough for 30 Pizza's - It's a Bday Party!

My grandson's 17th Birthday Party was Saturday.  After returning from a fun afternoon of Paintball sportpark a pizza party was planned.  I made the pizza dough and sauce, my daughter and another mom took care of the rest.  It has been a busy fun week of family and friends.  I assembled the pizza's along with lot's of volunteer's...who needed no instructions :)  My daughter tended to the oven baking of the pizza's.  They couldn't come out of the oven fast enough and requests for toppings were coming in fast!  What a production we had going!  I would like to share some of the day and my family with you, along with how I managed to make enough dough and sauce for 30 pizza's, last I counted. 

I starter Friday night armed with my little kitchenaid artisan mixer.  Not being able to hand mix this amount of dough and not wanting to be at it for long, this is what I did and the dough turned out perfect and the tomato sauce.  The pesto, chanterelles, shrimp, sausage, pepperoni, assorment of different cheeses where also some other toppings used.  Back to the dough mixing...I made one batch, yes one batch at a time.  I made 6 batches of the basic good old stand-by, Neo Neapolitan Pizza Dough from Peter Reinhart's 'American Pie'. 

My version used: To mixer bowl added in this order:

1 3/4 cups room temperature water

2 Tablespoons of EVOO and using the same Tablespoon I added 1 Tablespoon clover honey...sides off real easy from the previous oiled measuring spoon.

23 oz. King Arthur All Purpose flour

1 teaspoon instand yeast

3 1/4 teaspoons sea salt - a little less salty

Using the paddle, turned on mixer until dough was mixed and formed a rough ball.

Rested 10 minutes - Attached the dough blade, continued mixing until light gluten began to form and the dough was sticking slightly to the bottom of the bowl and starting to slap the sides.   Removed the dough, shaped into a nice smooth ball and placed into a oiled bowl.

Started the next batch, using the same method.  During the mixing and resting of each batch, I would give the previous dough in the oiled bowl a stretch and fold testing for good a window pane...when that was reached, I placed the dough-all into a very large plastic tub.  It was actually a large plastic cake cover turned upside down...perfect and used the bottom for the lid.  All the dough balls were placed into the large oiled tub.

When 6 batches were completed and placed into the large oiled inverted cake cover.  I placed it into the refrigerator for an overnight bulk ferment.

While making the dough, I also assembled my sauce...easiest part making the sauce! 

Sauce:  My version of PR Crushed Tomato Sauce Recipe in 'American Pie'

4 28oz. cans San Marzano Crushed tomatoes

1 28 oz. can SM chunked tomatoes- drained

1 teaspoon fresh ground pepper

5 teaspoons dried basil

5 teaspoons Mediterranian Oregano

apx. 25 minced fresh garlic cloves

2 TBsp. red wine vinegar, 6 TBsp. fresh squeezed lemon juice

5 teaspoons sea salt to taste

Placed all into my 5 lb. plastic flour canister, just filled it..the ten pound would have been roomier, but did not fit into the frig..

The next morning: 

Floured 3 tin foil was very large and two smaller ones..the large pan was little crowded and next time :? would use 2 more smaller tin foil pans instead of the one large.

Dumped all the cold, doubled in bulk dough, onto my wooden dough board and cut, weighed and shaped individual 8 oz. dough balls.  Placed them into the well floured tin pans, keeping them floured inbetween, so they did not stick together as they final proofed...on the way to the party!

I cut and weighed and shaped 8oz. pizza dough balls..did a few 10 oz..but thought a little large, so changed to making all 8 oz. pizza balls.

I did a pretest single batch of this see how it would work bulk fermented and then divided cold the next morning, shaped into individual pizza balls, proofed for a couple of hours and then shaped and worked perfect.  The weather has been very cool and allowed the dough to proof nicely on the drive to my daughter's home and ready when we where to make the pizza's.

I don't have a lot of photo's..I was busy and didn't even get to bring out my camera..would have loved to catch some photos of my daughter making the pizza's in the hot oven...she did manage time to catch a few photos and e-mailed them to me this afternoon..

I only managed to get 2 of the dough and sauce finished...I was ready for some bed rest, doing Thanksgiving dinner the day before, dough and sauce Friday, party was Saturday.


                                        Enough dough for 30 pizza's ........... more than enough sauce...I forgot there were other sauces, so made to

                         much....won't go to waste with some mozzarella stuffed meatballs and pasta!




                                                       Grandson enjoying Red Velvet cupcake decorated like a paint-ball splatter.  Made by a mother of the other boy who was also celebrating his 16th Birthday!












                                               It is very cool and breezy outside.  I quess when your that young you don't feel it.



                                                         Mom on the left baked the

                                                         paintball splatter cupcakes and some serious pizza making in the lovely outdoor kitchen area

                                                         with the Wood Fired Oven.







                                  There's what's left of a couple of pizza's..we forgot to take photo's of the pizza's!











arlo's picture

My goodness, sounds like a wonderful time with family.

And if that is your house, wow, that's really nice too! : )

SylviaH's picture

It was a fun party and wind-down for me to a lovely holiday and week with family, and the B-day party at my daughter's family home, with great outdoor kitchen area!


trailrunner's picture

Sounds like you had a marvelous time. Great pics....looks like the weather was beautiful too. c

SylviaH's picture

It has been a great week.  Making all of that pizza dough and sauce was something new to try : ) turned out great and it was a fun party to wind down the week and relax from cooking and daughter did all the pizza wfo cooking, I just shaped and topped a few. 

My grandkids are such a joy to be around.  I also had one visit from out of town with my son and DIL.  The party was orginally planned the sat. before Thanksgiving..but was cancelled because of rain..we have had lovely sunny very cool weather.


GSnyde's picture

Must have been a very happy birthday!  Looks like a great time.


SylviaH's picture

It was a great party...loved hearing, grandma, grandma...I want lot's of pepperoni...they were starving!  I can't believe the grand-kids are growing up so fast! 


hanseata's picture

feeding such a large party. And I just failed so miserably in making the Neo-Napoletana pizza dough. I should try your version next time...


SylviaH's picture

I can appreciate your making dough, for several loaves at once, for your bakery!

This was a first for me and I wanted it turn out right. 

I usually mix and make the dough balls 'about one or two batches only, and then refrigerate overnight, placing them individually into oiled plastic bags.  So this was new way of doing it for me.  Bulk fermenting this hugh batch of dough, shape the individual balls the next day, with the dough right out of the frig and let them proof in large tinfoil keep them from sticking together.  I believe pizzeria's use large plastic bus type pans with dividers for their pizza dough balls to proof .... this is the way the caterer's fix the dough to pick up for a party, cut into individual pizza servings and placed floured into a foil pan and covered with oiled plastic wrap and then foil, until ready to use...usually within a couple of hours..which lets them final proof nicely, and then they are ready to be shaped, topped and was cool outside and they could have set for several hours if needed.  After shaping and topping the pizza's, the dough bloomed perfect crowns with a lovely crust...I really don't want to invest in a large capacity dough mixer, I really perfer mixing by hand when convenient.  It was commented that the crust had a delicious flavor...My daughter said the flavor was delicious, that the dough she has bought for pizza parties was way to salty.


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And there I was thinking that my 12 pizzas were some kind of a record!  ;-)


(and they were not large pizzas, maybe four slices per pizza only)


I cannot imagine even how to scale it all up for that amount.... you did a great job, and the house looks wonderful!

SylviaH's picture

Wasn't nearly as scarey as I thought it was going to be, making the dough and sauce went very smoothly..not much to MIP.  Figure each mixed batch makes 4, 10 oz. or better yet 5, 8oz..nice apx. 10" or larger pizza's. 

Works great bulk fermented.  I couldn't do double batches in my little AKA...single went very smoothly, transfering to an oiled bowl, S&F, after a new batch was mixed, the gluten structure looked good, I did this until I had 6 batches placed into the large oiled container and then it all went into the frig.  Till time to scale, cut, ball, flour, pan in the morning...'lol' drive to party!


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Ryan Sandler

Having just made a mere 4 pizzas in a row for visiting relatives last friday, I am heartily impressed!  It sounds intense, dealing with that much dough.  Sounds like it worked great though.

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I'm ready to do it again, it wasn't intense at all!  I just had my little assembly line of MIPlace, ingredients, mixer to bowl to bulk fermenting bowl...The best part was having the hugh plastic cake holder, I could invert and cover to hold all the dough to bulk ferment, when the dough doubled it was just the right also fit in my refrigerator :)