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I had a baking day...

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ronnie g

I had a baking day...

It rained all day here yesterday which is good as I decided to bake all day.  I had chosen to make dmsnyder's San Joaquin adaptation and have another go at the 1,2,3 formula which has only been successful for me once.  I am sorry that I didn't stick to the recipes and got my timing all out of whack!  With the 1,2,3 recipe I added about 15% rye and maybe 20% wholemeal instead of all white.  I didn't get the rise out of it that I was hoping for, but was saved by some oven spring.  The San Joaquin loaves came out a little crusty, but okay and amazingly light which I thought was a good sign.  I could barely contain myself to wait until the loaves were cool to slice open and see what was inside.  The 1,2,3 crumb was very ordinary looking, although I am more looking forward to the taste than anything.  The San Joaquin was very open and we tasted straight away.  I'm no bread connoisseur, but it was very yummy (in layman's terms, lol). I finally got my Bread Baker's Apprentice in the mail and was highly amused by Peter Reinhart's description of what should happen when tasting bread.  It's kind of like When Harry Met Sally!  Anyway, here's my bake.

1,2,3 boules and San Joaquin batards.

The open crumb of the batard


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You achieved some very nice crust color and crumb. Congrats on such a great bake!

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The San Joaquin crumb looks great. I tried this formula once and it didn't turn out well. I goofed something up somewhere along the process I guess. It's definitely on my list to return to. So many here have fine success with it.

There are some threads and formulas around here that utilize a short soaking for rye, whole wheat and wholemeal flours. It helps aid the water absorbtion.

One formula for example is found here
posted awhile back by ehanner.  Beatrice Ojakangas' book, Whole Grain Breads By Machine or Hand employs soaks as well. Might be something to look into. (That Black Pepper Rye is realy good too.) How was the flavor of yours?

Nice to see your loaves and...bake on!

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ruth hurst

I'm hungry now! What pretty breads. I can almost smell that goodness from here.

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I'm glad you enjoyed the SJ SD!