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Be-Ro booklet

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Be-Ro booklet

I thought this might be of interest to fellow limeys, both here in the States and back home. My English neighbor gave me a well used booklet "Home recipes with Be-Ro Self Raising Flour" and "Home Recipes with Be-Ro Plain Flour". This had belonged to her mother, and unfortunately there is no date anywhere but Mary is 80 years old so it has to be pretty old. The recipes are given in grams and ounces and there are lots of pictures and useful hints and tips. I was especially interested to read that the company was offering three additional "specialist" flours - Be-Ro Strong White Bread Flour, Be-Ro Brown Wheatmeal Bread Flour and 100% Be-Ro Wholewheat Bread Flour. Their range even included dried yeast, each sachet being the right quantity for use with a 1 1/2kg bag of bread flour. Sorry to say I don't remember what brand of flour my mother used. Does this ring a bell with anyone? This little treasure measures 3 3/4"x 7 3/4" and just reading the index brings back happy memories of some good old English treats. A.


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After reading your post I looked up Be-Ro. They have a website and one page shows copies of some of their old cookbooks. I'd love to see them. I hope you try some of the recipes and post them. They still offer cookbooks but only to UK customers.


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Mary Fisher

I used to have the whole series but, like a fool, discarded all but the latest. They were all more or less the same though, with a different colour.

If yours has amounts in grams it can't be so old, not much earlier than the 1970s.

The one I kept (26th million) uses Imperial weights exclusively.

The recipes didn't change much over the years, they are basic but sound, not at all adventurous or novel but they all work. I was brought up on the Be-ro recipe books and still use mine occasionally.