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CoverMate Stretch-to-Fit

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CoverMate Stretch-to-Fit

For the second proof, i cover my bannetons with clear shower caps from the motel. They don't last very and my stash is gone.  Think how happy I was to find this new product (at least I've never seen it before).  It has 10 covers. They are medium, large and x-large and they will cover round or oblong. THey seem to be pretty good quality.  Doing the happy dance :)  I'm sure people in King Souper's though I was crazy.   Pam


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Caught a glimpse of them in Kroger....was in a rush and didn't stop to look closer, thanks for the reminder,



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I picked up a set of 'bowl covers' from either Dollar Tree or Family dollar, look like shower caps and were only $1 for a set.

Have not used them yet.


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I bought a set of these last night. They give you a multi pack for about $3. The large size fits my SFBI lined medium baskets. I will use these this weekend to proof my bread,

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Found the CoverMates a few weeks ago and I love them. Good size range, not flimsy, less landfill waste, and no struggling with "plasticrap" (nonmenclature purloined from dmsynder).

Find them, you need them, you'll like them, get them.

and...Bake on!