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Anyone know where I can find some exotic flours?

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Anyone know where I can find some exotic flours?

Any good websites for the harder to find/exotic flours?

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What do you usually use and what do you consider exotic?

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I usually use white, white whole wheat, and whole wheat. Just the basics at this point, as I'm new to it.

I guess I should have said that I was looking for a website that sold lots of different types of flours.....even the harder to find ones.

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Postal Grunt

Try looking for a Whole Foods store in Dallas or Fort Worth. They are a little pricey but when S&H is added to an internet purchase, the difference between the two shrinks. As a plus, many Whole Foods will have bulk bins, allowing you buy small quantities, two lbs or less, without breaking the bank or buying a larger quantity than you would need. Some of the supermarkets affiliated with the Krogers chain will have a better assortment than most other supermarkets.

If you want internet sources, try New York Bakers. The owner frequently posts here and has good taste in the wares he offers. Then there's King Arthur Flour and Bob's Red Mill, they can also supply your needs for exoticism.

Before you starty ordering the exotic and obscure, work on being able to have a bread that you can say you do well. Then add a couple more to your repertoir. As someone who has been guilty of having a mere eight different flours recently, I can say that having good knowledge, skills, and technique will make more of a difference in the quality of bread than an obscure ingredient.

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This Day

These flours are sold by the Iowa farm on which the grains are grown.  The farm has been chemical-free since 1964.

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Thanks to This Day for mentioning Paul’s Grains. Among its other offerings, I found a named variety of open-pollinated corn (maize). Any OP corn is very scarce in the on-line market, except from seed companies. Reid’s Yellow Dent fit my milling needs perfectly and has made some great cornbread and grits. Johnny-cake is next. Paul’s delivery was prompt, and the prices aren’t bad for organic products. The product list indicates which items are Paul’s-grown.

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(just in case any Canadian reads this topic)

No one has a greater variety in Ottawa where I live.