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Parchment Paper

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Parchment Paper

I have buying Reynolds parchment paper and recently saw

The pricing between Walmart and the above link is so different I am wondering if I am missing something.

The S&H for webstaurantstore was high so does anyone have suggestions?


TIA, al


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They have parchment paper at reasonable pricing and it's flat not on a roll so you don't have to fight the curliness of it. Here's a link:

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Postal Grunt

A few weeks ago, I was in the KC, MO Costco looking for tortillas. After a fruitless search I continued down the aisle and found parchment paper. This was a roll but much bigger than the Reynolds I find at Walmart, about 160 ft vs. 30. The cost was just under $7.

As always, the inventory at one store may not be in the next Costco and if you see something you might need in the near future, buy it then.

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Be aware that all "parchment paper" is not the same. There is the original silicone based parchment baking paper like Reynolds, and then there is the newer and (much)cheaper quilon based baking paper which is also called parchment paper.

I have no personal experience with the newer quilon, but I believe the silicone is considered to be a better product. The cheaper stuff is almost always quilon. Without getting into philosophical arguments, there are reasons why the newer quilon products are less expensive than silicone parchment. That said, I don't think I would have any problem using the quilon paper, if it were readily available to me. 

The silicone paper is said to be more reuseable than the quilon. I know I have been baking a little over a year and a half, and having purchased a roll of the Reynolds near the beginning of that period, I have yet to use even half of the roll. If you will just be using it to line your baking pans and baking under 425 degF or so, the silicone paper can be reused many, many times. I believe it is thought to be more reuseable than the quilon. Of course, once you use it, you will need to have a place where it can be stored flat, and without tearing it. I bake mainly rolls, once or twice a week, lining a 18 x 13 half sheet pan. I must have used this last piece I'm on over a dozen times. If you bake at higher temps, like pizza directly on a 500 degree stone, it will not be much reuseable.

Basically, if you find having the cheaper quilon paper, shipped, too expensive, just buy the Reynold's at the grocery store. If you use it conscientiously, it will last a very long time.

One last thing, there is usually a coupon available for the Reynolds, especially around the holidays. I don't think you have to give any info unless you want to recieve more promotional mailings. Link for $1 off coupon:

If you cannot find a cheaper source for the quilon, there are sellers on ebay offering 50 half pan sheets for about $10 shipped, no bidding. You can maybe find it cheaper with bidding.


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I've been buying my parchment paper from them for the past two years, great prices, great service.



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If you have Smart and Final in your area, they sell the large full sheet pan sized parchment.  It's the flat sheets and works perfectly.  I cut them in half for most jobs.  I use them for everything - cakes, cookies, pizza, and of course bread.  I think it came in a box of 1000 sheets.  I've had it for almost two years.


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This is what makes TFL work.

Thanks to all, Al


PS. May we never get embroiled in political discussions...


such as no knead vs. knead.

I kid.

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how much did you pag? thanks

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As best as I can remember it was $3.22 for a 30 sq. ft. roll that is 24" wide at Walmart.  There is a coupon for a $1.00 if you buy 2 boxes. 



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The link I posted above is for a printable coupon for $1 off per single box. You can just click on "print coupon". Not necessary to fill in any info.

Pretty sure the width of the roll is 15" though. That is the width of the roll I have. It is 24 feet long however.

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The catch is in order to print the coupon you have to run an executable program on your computer.  Probably it is harmless but I tend to err on the side of caution.

I will check it out.  Thanks, /al

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I just called my local store and they quote it at $45.79 for the 1000 sheets.


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I talked to a local restaurant supply and they came up with a similar deal.


Thanks, good idea.



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So I am hoping that this is not taken the wrong way and seen as total self-promotion for our site, but I just happened across this thread and I definitely had some thoughts.

You see, I started making no-knead bread(sorry for mentioning that, Alfie--not politicking here, either), and I just found out a friend of mine has become pretty expert at sourdough and offered me some starter. And so I found these forums.

Also, I happen to be the product expert at the WEBstaurantStore, and I have been working in the supply side of the restaurant industry for over 20 years (I feel old everytime I say that).

Quilon vs. Parchment: Most of what mrfrost said about silicone is true. Silicone is an upgrade from quilon. I am not sure where you got quilon is "new" though.  Quilon paper is definitely not new. I started in the industry in '89, and that was the only thing we sold. We only offered silicone much later.  As far as reusing: If you are doing dry product, that is fine. Anything sticky, or if you are using for cooking (en papillote), I would stick with quilon and just throw it away when done. We have better things available if you want a reusable liner (but I don't want to link, because I like this forum and don't want to get kicked out).

Shipping: While the WEBstaurantStore is a commercial site, we do sell to residences. But the thing is, the way we calculate shipping, and the deals we have with our shippers are set up for larger order.  Sometimes, all you have to do is change the quantity from 1-2 to see a big difference. In order to ship these papers and have them get to you perfectly flat, there is extra packaging time involved. Oddly, I think the shipping is cheaper for two 50 packs than one to Iowa. The further you are from PA, the higher the shipping will be. If you have a business, ship to the is cheaper. Either way, your best bet is to make a wish list of stuff you want and buy it all at one time.  We have very low, wholesale markups, so we have to ship at what it really costs us in shipping/handling.

Hey Dick: Thanks for the service comment. These young folks that i work with are really sweet, I will pass that on to them.  Our live chat is great for people.

I hope I don't get kicked out for posting. I definitely want to learn more, and I do think I have a unique knowledge base to share with others.  If any of you can direct me to the best sourdough thread for beginners, I would really appreciate it!

Steve Ziegler



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I just placed an order for some parchment paper at the webrestaurant store.  I've been searching for lesser amounts of parchment than buying a case of 1000 sheets.  The prices here are remarkably better than any I've seen with the exception of buying a case, and I thank everyone for their input.  In fact the prices are pretty close to when you use a 1000 sheet multiple to what they charge.  I cannot stand using the Reynolds rolled parchment.  The cutter on the box is useless and you can't get that stuff to cooperate very easily.  Since I've been working part time in an artisan bakery, I note that we use the quilon product with excellent results.  In some cases, we use it more that once.  I used Steve Zieglars recommendation to have it shipped to my office, and it did save a coupla bucks. Additionally, as I ordered a few more things, I noticed the shipping did not increase.