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One More Tartine Loaf

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louie brown

One More Tartine Loaf

I had to get this out of my system. I am an admirer of the bakery and the bread and I was glad to be able to take a shot at it. I agree with a lot of what's been said on both sides of the conversation about the book. I'm sure I will read and enjoy it more than I will use it to bake from. For a bakery book of that latter sort, as I've mentioned elsewhere, I still prefer Nancy Silverton. Anyway, I add my pictures for the record. I liked the pictures in the book of the loaves torn open, so I include one of those. My kitchen was a few degrees warmer this week, so fermentation and proofing times were closer to those indicated.







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Good looking loaves!


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Beautiful bake louie.


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One more I still need to try. c

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louie brown

This will be a nice bread to have in the repertoire. This latest bake is going for cubed bread for the dressings for Thanksgiving.