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Jeffrey Hamelman's Golden Raisin Sourdough - perfect for toast!

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Jeffrey Hamelman's Golden Raisin Sourdough - perfect for toast!

I haven't made the fruit loaves for a while. Not that I don't like them, I do love fruit toast (a lot actually), but I've been obsessed about making grains, seeds, whole wheat breads recently and kind of overlooking my old-time favourite, sourdough fruit toast. 

Sometimes, one needs a reminder or a nag. My boyfriend just mentioned the other day what a great fruit toast from the Dench Baker (artisan bakery and café in Fitzroy, Melbourne) he had. It sorted of giving me a signal that maybe I should be baking other breads apart from grain and seed breads. 

I picked Golden Raisin Sourdough recipe from Jeffrey Hamelman's Bread cookbook. It's one of my favourite recipes from the book. The bread has 20% whole wheat flour, 10% rolled oats and 25% golden raisins.


Hamelman's recipe is 69% hydration which I found the dough to be very stiff. I adjusted the hydration to 72% (the dough still feel stiff with 72%). I guess that the hydration can even go higher to 75% as the oats, raisins and whole wheat flour absorb more water.


The bread is very moist and sweet due to substantial amount of raisins in it. The oats seems totally blend-in with the dough and disappear altogether. The bread is great toasted with butter. It makes a fantastic breakfast.


More details, photos and recipes can be found here :> 




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YUM, YUM! Sue, this was my next project... I love how oates blend in the dough, they impart a great flavor! but due to the lack of gluten in oats, you may have to use a strong protein flour and more water to compensate.

Great bread, Sue!


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do try this one


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Thank you, Khalid. That's a great input about high protien flour and oats. This helps to explain the reason it took so long for the gluten to develop in this bread. I think it took me extra 10-15 minutes kneading time to achieve desired gluten development.

Thank you for sharing, Paul. The recipe looks interesting.