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It's great to be baking again

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It's great to be baking again

I mentioned in a post about a week ago I'd been laid up for seven weeks, unable to walk more than ten steps, let alone bake bread. The last four days I've been baking sourdough--two variations of the base 45%/45%/10%:Bread Flour/AP Flour/Whole Rye Flour; 68% Hyd., and 28% prefermented Bread Flour in the sourdough starter--nothing fancy, nothing new but just being able to bake leaves me humble and grateful once again I can.

My starters had gone neglected for the same seven weeks, but last week i resusitated them (2) with a couple days of feeding every 12 hours at room temperature. They responded like long-lost friends. Friday and Sunday I built formula-ready starters, and baked two loaves on both Saturday and today.

It's good to be back!

Here's today's bake

and a crumb shot of Saturday's bake

David G


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I'm glad you're able to bake again. Your loaves certainly look like your skills didn't atrophy. They are beautiful!


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The results are beautiful ! Hope you are 100% again soon.


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Mini Oven

:)   Super Baguettes, Pain from Champagne and lots of evidence.  Don't overdose now...  

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Great Crumb, David, For 68% Hydr. And welcome back!

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I had shoulder replacement surgery in May and was away from baking for about a month. Thought it would kill me - not the surgery, but being away from homemade bread!

Next week I'm having a knee replaced. Hope I can get back to baking soon afterward.

My rye starter survived just fine, too!

I hope you continue to feel better.




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ruth hurst

The Dr's & physiotherapists tend to want their patients to get up and moving right away, but please make sure you follow their instructions to the T! By doing so, you should be back to your baking soon.

I had baked a ton of bread before my ACL surgery, sliced it and froze it. I missed playing with dough for a few weeks, but at least I had my beloved SD toast each day.

Take care!




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Echoinig dmsnyder, you certainly haven't let any moss grow under your feet.

Beautiful bake.


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...for you kind words of welcome. I'm working up to my first "at home" attempt at croissants. I'll keep you posted.

David G