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Sam's Club Unbleached APF for the holidays

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Sam's Club Unbleached APF for the holidays

I was at Sam's the other day and saw (in Dallas, TX) that they are now carrying Unbleached All-Purpose Flour that is listed as a "Seasonal" item.  It was 20lbs for about $6.50.  The packaging also says it contains no Bromate.

You may want to check it out if you're near one :)

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will do when i get the chance

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My hesitation is because I bought a store-brand AP(unbleached,unbromated) for white bread use and it was awful! I never figured out why-even the addition of VWG didn't help but you could tell when I used that flour.The loaves never turned out properly.

 Thankfully it was only 5# and it was fine for other baking. I suspect it was heavily weighted towards the soft characteristics when blended.

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Karen Guse

My local sams just started selling KA all purpose can't remember the price, but it was much better than the grocery store


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Picked some of the Sams Unbleached All-Purpose Flour. I haven't had a chance to bake with it, but will update this thread when I do.

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thanks that is a great price!


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I bought a 25# bag from Sam's and have been using it for pizza dough and bread, and it's been fine.  Made 6 loaves of hearth bread on Sunday after a 2 day ferment and it turned out wonderful. 

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I think I may have seen some of that at Sams yesterday but I stayed away -- mostly because I don't need any flour currently.. On a slightly different note, some of the Target stores in my area (Los Angeles) started selling KA Flour recently at pretty reasonable prices -- cheaper than the big box stores such as Von's,etc.. I don't recall the pricing off the top of my head though..  At least the one store I visit carries it.. I've not checked some of the other local stores.. YMMV!