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Today's Baguettes

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Today's Baguettes

It's been a long while since I posted.  Summer came and bread baking was put on the back burner.  With fall comes colder temps and more time around the house, so back to bread baking I go.  I've actually baked quite a few loaves in the past weeks but have not posted them.  Anyway, I won't attempt to catch up but will post today's bake at least!


The last couple weekends I've been making a batch of sourdough baguettes.  After running across David's post on PRoth's baguettes I decided to give them a try.  This is a fairly low hydration dough that results in a open crumb and actually uses AP flour.  I was pleased with the results.



It's always good to have a little homemade soup  with your fresh bread!

Link to David's post:  Pat's (proth5) Baguettes


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Welcome Back, occidental! been missing your posts! Nice looking Sd baguette!