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Liquid lecithin vs. granules

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Liquid lecithin vs. granules

How does one convert liquid lecithin measurements to granules?  One website says liquid is twice the granules, rather vague.  Does this mean if I use 1Tablespoon liquid I should use 3 Tablespoons granulated form?   My concern is the difference in the total liquid used in the recipe.

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I dunno as I've used only granules  ...but as nobody else has responded I'll chip in my bit for whatever it's worth (maybe nothing:-)

I'd assume measures by weight instead of by volume, i.e. grams rather than Tablespoons. Among other things, this has the advantage of skipping around the problem of empty space due to granule size messing up measurements.

I'd also start out with treating them as equal weights (rather than "two times"). But of course I might be wrong. It vaguely sounds to me like the "two times" thing is trying to compensate for the empty spaces between the granules, something you don't need to do so long as you're using weight measures. Where is the website that recommended the "two times" rule located? If it's in North America, they were likely talking about Tablespoons, but if it's in Europe, they were likely talking about grams.

Also, my experience is the appropriate amount of lecithin to use is quite small, small enough that I wouldn't worry about it screwing up the liquid budget.