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Walnut Levain

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Walnut Levain

This is a new bake of the recipe I discussed in this post.

Minor chages:

  • sour sponge was 1/2 cup white, 1/2 cup rye, 1 cup water
  • "old dough" starters were each somewhat bigger, using 1/3 cup water each and "enough" flour.

The main difference is that I accidently added about 1 cup too much water, so:

  • the loaf was bigger (about 3 pounds)
  • there was less sour flavor (since I used the same 1 cup water/1 cup flour sour sponge, for more bread)
  • I worked at higher hydration, somewhere between 65 and 70 percent (it started wet, but I worked more flour late in kneading, and some more during stretch and fold)

Then I baked it for a full hour, hence the dark crust.

Also, I chopped some of the nuts fairly fine to get more nut distribution throughout the bread. The purple coloration of the crumb is more thorough and even, but not up to Acme Bakery standard yet! This loaf is outstanding with jam, especially toasted.


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...and I'll bet it's got a great taste.  I thinking a little toasting and a little cream cheese would be just about perfect.

Nice bake!


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Mini Oven

...thin spread salt free butter and thin sliced blue cheese!  Ahhhhh!!!!!  (falls straight backwards) >thud< 

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I simply cannot allow you to fall by yourself....


pass me a slice, and I'll be right next to you!    (walnuts and blue cheese, a match made in heaven!)\


Gorgeous loaf!