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soaker: buttermilk/yogurt verses water??

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soaker: buttermilk/yogurt verses water??

I am wondering something.

I made Peter Reinharts' whole wheat bread with soaker and biga.  In the soaker, since I didn't have any buttermilk (and my buttermaker died on me - and I didn't have time to make butter by hand) I used some fresh (but older milk).

My bread turned out wonderful!  I was so pleased.

Well, now that I am back to square one with no butter milk, I am wondering how water will fare in a soaker in my bread?

Can anyone share some insight with me?



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I have made this recipe with water in place of milk or buttermilk, and have had very good results.  The texture and crust are softer if you use milk, and sometimes I substitute a mixture of yogurt and milk in place of buttermilk, and that turns out well.

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into milk to use as buttermilk. I also have dried whole and buttermilk in the pantry, these come in handy when all else fails.


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Frequent Flyer

...use water instead of milk or buttermilk as my wife doesn't care for a soft bread with soft crust.  It works fine for us. 

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If I'm out of buttermilk I often use 1/4 cup of the King Arthur special dry milk for baking (heat-treated to disable the enzymes which inhibit rising a bit), plus water in the soaker. Although the texture isn't quite as tender as using buttermilk, it's very nice. 

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what is this "special dry milk" for baking?