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Number 15 and 16 will be home soon!

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Leolady's picture

Number 15 and 16 will be home soon!

My good friend Mixfinder is gonna send me a stainless steel Kitchenaid 3C mixer for my collection!  It looks like this one.

I named it UnderDog!

And I just won this Kitchenaid K5SS on Ebay! My cousin Jeff has wanted one for a long time, so it will be on loan to him.

I named Jeff's mixer -- Funkadelic!

Eidetix's picture

That 3C is gorgeous. The Leolady Kitchenaid parade marches on! :)

Leolady's picture

That I miscounted.  Number 16 and 17 are the correct figures. 

Thanks Eidetix!


berryblondeboys's picture

I still need #2! (and I do need it!) Congrats!

Nickisafoodie's picture

Mine is vintage 1982, has and is still beening used regularly, and is still rockin.   They don't make them like they used to!!!

Leolady's picture

And has tried it out a little.  He loves his new toy and his cousin Leolady!