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Tartine Country Bread

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Tartine Country Bread

Hello, I recently purchased the Tartine Bread book, by Chad Robertson, when I had an opportunity to visit the Bakery.
I was there for breakfast, so alas, did not get to taste Mr. Robertson's bread, but did get to enjoy a lovely croissant & have a good look at his book... 

I really liked how Mr. Robertson described his journey as a baker and it's beautifully written and illustrated.
I especially liked what he said about fermentation...I had to have this book to add to my collection back home!

My dear father-in-law celebrates a milestone birthday this weekend, so I wanted to bake this special Country Bread for him.
I really tried to make sure I was fermenting the dough in the right temperature zone...ensuring a cool enough environment for the leaven and then a warm enough environment for bulk fermentation...requiring some woodstove management as I tried to control temperature in the house!

I retarded the loaves in the fridge for 7 hours before baking. I don't have the combo cooker that is recommended in the book so just baked my usual way.  The first loaf went in straight from the fridge, and I had an interesting blow out on the bottom of the loaf, that actually made the loaf sit up pretty for pictures! The second loaf proofed for about 45 minutes prior to baking, and I scored it differently, hoping that would help control how the loaf expanded.

I scored the tops with an "F" for Father-In-Law...the aroma of the baked loaves is heavenly...the loaves sang nicely and the crust crackled!
I don't have a crumb shot yet because the bread's for the 'big day' tomorrow...I hope father-in-law likes his bread!!!  
Regards, breadsong


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Hi, breadsong

You made a great gift !!!  That is VERY nice! 

I ordered the book tonight and I saw your blog.  I can learn your experiment from you, Thank you for posting this !

What a nice family you have!




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Hi Akiko, I hope you enjoy the book. I thought it was a fabulous read, and so instructive. I am really happy with this bread, first time out, and can't wait to make it again. I thought my very special father-in-law deserved a special bread & I'm glad it worked out nicely for his big day!
Regards, breadsong

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Hello David, thanks for the compliment! Your boules are really beautiful...the ones you baked for your Oven Steaming - SFBI method post were all so pretty - loved the scoring! I hope my crumb turns out to be as nice what you achieved with yours. Regards, breadsong

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Postal Grunt


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Hello PG, thanks for writing.  Regards, breadsong

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 Nice bake and a great looking crust! Your father in law is in for a real treat.


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Seems to me these loaves would be well suited for you, too!
Thanks from breadsong


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Very nice result Breadsong! I hope your FIL has a wonderful day and I think he is lucky to have such a special daughter-in-law!



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Thanks so much...I am really the lucky one...father-in-law is great and he raised a wonderful son...and for that I will always be grateful!  Regards, breadsong

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I love the way you put the letter for your FNL..very thoughtful!