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What is Rolled Wheat?

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What is Rolled Wheat?

What is rolled wheat? I cannot find it anywhere. Where might I find it?

I have an old recipt that for Rolled Wheat Bread that my mom made. I remeber shopping with her at a large bulk store in Oregon many, many years ago and know that is where she got all her baking supplies.

This is my first post. I really enjoy this site. I am excited for winter here so I can start baking again. Just too hot during the summer months to fire up the oven!

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just like oat-flakes made of wheat?

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Exactly like rolled oatmeal. At an organic food coop I can get rolled wheats,rye,oats,barley,etc. If you can find it, Quaker Oats makes a multigrain hot cereal with a mix of all these.Kamut,tritical,spelt,etc,etc.

I would simply substitute any of these. is very important to really develop the gluten in this dough. See my recent post about a recipe I'm developing and take note about mixing/kneading/developing the gluten otherwise you will end up with a very dense,moist loaf:

I will be working on this recipe this weekend and will post any changes. The cereals tend to make it a sticky dough and it's hard to tell when/if the  gluten is developed enough.

I'd love to see what your Mom's recipe is-please post it!

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I will look for them.

I posted my mom's recipe here.

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Absent knowing what your Mother actually used in her bread, I would probably use steamed, rolled oats--Quaker Oats, Old-Fashioned!  I've tried it cooked (as in a cereal) and uncooked; I prefer the uncooked because the uncooked has a noticeable "texture" to it.  Enjoy and good luck!