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This is a great but difficult site

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This is a great but difficult site


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Perhaps if you note what you find difficult about it, someone may be able to help.

Not sure if it's navigation you mean, or the process of baking bread.

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I agree 100%. This is one of the easiest and helpful sites I have ever been on. All you have to do is ask. I hope you take advantage of the site as I know of no other so friendly in the baking community.

Mr. Bob



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Let us know what you need and you will get tons of help!

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About [90%] - okay, make that most, lots more than you would think, etc of the questions asked by members have already been covered somewhere on this site over the years.  Using the search box to find out about a given area of interest will unvariably yield some positive info re the question at hand.


mixer choices



flour sources



and much more

Worth starting there if there are questions you are wondering about, see the forum topics, and of course post if you feel you need more input...