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Yet Another Whole Wheat Multigrain! (Recipe Added)

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Yet Another Whole Wheat Multigrain! (Recipe Added)

I wanted to bake under a pyrex, and an ss bowl this time. The boule on the Right was under a pyrex bowl, and the Batard was under the stainless bowl.

My adapted recipe of Hamelman's Formula:

Total Formula:

Bread Flour: 1lb  (50%)

Whole Wheat Flour: 1lb (50%)

Mixed Grains: 5.8 oz (18%)

Water: 1lb , 10oz (78%)

Salt: 0.7 oz (1 T + 0.5Tsp) (2.2%)

Yeast: (1tsp) instant yeast (1%)

Honey: 1oz (1 T, 0.5tsp) (3%)


Bread Flour: 3.8 oz (100%)

Water: 4.8 oz (125%)

Starter: 1.5 T (20%)


Grains (Cracked oates, or wheat or Rye, Sunflower seeds, Flax seeds, Buckwheat): 5.8oz (100%)

Water : 6.9 oz (120%)

Salt: 0.5 tsp

Final Dough:

Bread Flour: 12.2 oz

Wholewheat Flour: 1lb

Water: 12.5 oz

Salt: 1 T

Yeast: 0.1oz  (1tsp)

Honey: (1T + 1tsp)

Soaker: All

Levain: All


Neat Results, but the chronic charred bottom remains a challenge i have to put up with in My gas oven.

The loaves could have used more proofing time, but i bet the premature levain i mixed in had something to do with it.



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Lovely batard and boule, Mebake! Perfectly shaped and an impressive crumb.

How was the flavour?

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Just love that perfect, decorative scoring, and the loaves opened up beautifully!!! 
Definitely want to try the bowl technique when baking next, seeing how well it worked for you! 
Regards, breadsong

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Thanks, Hans! It means a lot coming from an advanced homebaker such as yourself. The flavor is somwehat sweet due to the 1.5 T Honey, wheaty , nutty, all suffused. The soaked grains ( i used cracked wheat, cracked oats, buckwheat, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds) makes for a chewy crumb. Its one of my favorites.

Thanks, breadsong! Umm take care when handeling hot pyrex, please.

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and a delicious combo of grains, Mebake! 


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They look gorgeous!  Now, I want to get bannetons to make great looking bread like yours!

Thank you for posting your test!!  That is interesting and helpful.

Happy baking,


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Your loaf looks wonderful.  Would you please post the formula?  Thanks.

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as usual Mebake!  I, too, labor under the duress of a gas oven, but I have to say, burnt bottoms of my loaves have never been a problem - especially when baking on a stone.  I assume that moving your rack up one notch is not the answer or you'd have done it, but I'm curious as to what it is about your gas oven that consistently burns the bottoms of loaves.

In any event, you seem to have compensated nicely!


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Great looking loaves Khalid and you got a terrific pattern off your brotform!

Top notch all the way.


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Hi Khalid,

Great looking bread again!

I like the golden colour of the crust and great shaping.

I have both stainless and pyrex bowls so might try this at one point. I am awaiting an oval banneton, which should help support bâtards during proof. 

I also like the lovely touch of colour that the linen adds to the picture. I was just checking my own cupboards for family linens to see what they could add. 

Good again to see such great shape and rise with whole wheat.

Kind regards, Daisy_A

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Khalid,  just a thought, have you tried using cornmeal either on the stone or in your baking vessel.  If you put a fair amount down, the corn meal acts as a heat barrier.  I've used in cast iron dutch ovens, clay pots and clouches as well as on the stone.  I must admit I like the taste of cornmeal, especially on rye breads, but you can brush the loaf and loose any dark or charred cornmeal.  Hope it works for you, Mebake.

Bernie Piel

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your loaves look beautiful, great scoring.  BerniePiel

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your loafs look wonderful Khalid. Thinking you have to deal with a gas oven... you are really a good baker.

What formula did you use? And how long did you leave the loaves covered? I am still struggling with the "cover" method for steam ...:-( , but your new photos gave me a new encouragment to try again. Thanks!


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Thanks, Sylvia!

Thanks, akiko. Brotforms are great, aren't they?

THanks, Jerry. I shall post my formula soon.

Thanks, Larry! My stones are not ceramic, they are thick slabs of fired clay used as hearth in brick ovens. I have no room to raise the rack duer to the height of the pyrex. I beleive that sprinkling corn meal, as suggested by BerniPiel, will ease this problem. The risk of manhandling hot pyrex and having to shift stone burdened racks are also leading me to consider trading of my gas oven for an electric one.

Thanks, Bernie, yes the cornmeal would be a solution to my problem.

Thank you Zdenka. The formula is adapted from Hamelman's Whole Wheat Multigrain in BREAD.I left the loaves covered for 15 minutes. PLs. take care while handling hot vessels such as pyrex or stainless.


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Khalid, your breads are wonderful every time!

I had hundreds of charred bottoms in my over-the-stove gas oven and I never solved it.

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I bake in a Bar-B-Q, and it works fine if you use the stones or tiles to spread the heat of the flame.  However, I have found that a 1/2 inch high cooling rack to raise the pans works just fine, and the bread comes out even in color all around.

Another thing that I'm working on now is stainless steel wire screening that I have formed into loaf pans and banneton holders.  It works great, and they come out toasty, crisp and golden brown.


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Thank You Nico, practice makes perfect, right? I've made this bread several times.

As to the charred bottom, what oven do you have/ steaming setup?

Thanks for the advice bob..!

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The oven I used before buying a Samsung is this one:

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and interesting steaming technique.

We love this recipe too. I made them every few weeks. Seeing your post, I'm thinking to do it again this weekend and probably will try your steaming technique with the SS bowl.

Thanks for sharing.


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Thank you for posting this recipe, I am looking forward to trying it!  My scale is grams, though, so I will have to either convert or try to figure out the baker's math.  :)

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you are most welcome! Hamelman's BREAD is full of wonderful recipes..