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Apple, Cranberry and Hazelnut Sourdough

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Apple, Cranberry and Hazelnut Sourdough


This bread is from Artisan Breads at Home by Eric Kastel. The original recipe calls for walnuts, but this is Hazelnut weekend in my kitchen.

These are hearty little loaves, loaded down with lots of goodies, and the sweetness from the apple-cranberry pairs nicely with the sourdough.

I want to try making crisps with some of the bread, as described by farine-mc on her blog:

I wanted to try and get a cracking crust, and went for a hot bake which is reflected in the 'colorful' crust.
I didn't get cracking crust, but the loaves did sing to me a little bit!   Regards, breadsong





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Beautiful bread... couldnt find the recipe on farine's blog... would love to give this a try- love your crust - looks amazing!



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Hello Lee Yong, Here's farine-mc's formula for her bread:

This lady crafts some amazing loaves!

Regards, breadsong


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and the crisps also sound delicious. 


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Yummy! Tasty looking loaves! I havn't tried fruits or nuts in any of my bakings. I'll try that soon!

Thanks breasong!


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Hello, The fruit and nut additions provided really good flavor. I kneaded in by hand after gluten was developed, and tried to keep all of the fruit and nut pieces covered by dough, to try to prevent any pieces overbrowning or burning on the surface of the loaf during baking.
The apple contributed a nice moistness to the crumb. 
I hope you have fun experimenting with different flavor combinations for your beautiful breads!
Thanks, from breadsong

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Do you have a wood fired oven? These loaves you are showing are NOTHING like I can get from my oven! This sounds delicious. OK, I need to start a starter, it's ridiculous how I've been dragging my feet with that - probably has something to do with taking care of a big house, a high schooler with ADHD, a kindergartener on the autism spectrum, and my mother-in-law moving in and wreaking havoc on our normal lives as we adjust.

I want loaves that look like yours! Do you hand knead?

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I don't have a WFO but sure wish I did! I bake on a baking stone.  I preheated the oven to 490 for almost an hour before loading the bread, steamed the oven, then turned the oven down to 460 and baked for 15 min, opened the door to release steam, then turned down to 435 convection for another 15 or so.  I was pleased with the color achieved with this bake and the crust is so tasty!

I thought about sourdough for a long time before I tried making some starter.
It took me a few tries to get it going...but it's no trouble to maintain. I keep mine in the fridge and it gets fed about once a week and it seems to stay happy.
One of the things I like about sourdough is the long timeframe from mixing to baking...and I can adjust the schedule somewhat to fit into the time I have available to bake.

I usually do hand knead my bread dough only because I'm afraid of burning out my Kitchen Aid.  Lately, I've been using Richard Bertinet's method for working the dough to develop it, along with stretch and folds during bulk fermentation. 

Thanks so much for writing and I'm glad you liked these loaves.
from breadsong