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Hazelnut Sweet Rolls

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Hazelnut Sweet Rolls

Hello, To celebrate the Hazelnut Harvest which happens this time of year, I wanted to make some sweet rolls, using hazelnuts.

These are rolls made with Basic Sweet Dough. with Nut Filling, from Baking Artisan Pastries and Breads by Ciril Hitz.
This is a nice sweet dough recipe and includes some lemon zest for an added dimension of flavor.

Hazelnut flour was used in the filling, and the rolls were glazed (icing sugar + a decent measure of Frangelico liqueur
+ a bit of cream + a bit of pure vanilla extract + a teeny-tiny pinch of salt).

This recipe produced 12 decent-sized rolls, baked in a 9x13 pan, with some extra dough left over; 
the roll ends were baked in small ring molds.

These rolls were good and tasty (I really like the liqueur-spiked glaze!).    Regards, breadsong


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That looks divine! And sounds even better. Yum!!!

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Oh those are nice! The filling sounds wonderful and the rolls are perfect. Great job!


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though I'm not a hazelnut fan,  I would enjoy one of these and the Frangelico touch sounds delicious!


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I'm glad you liked these rolls! The dough is a dream to work with, holds its shape well and is quite moist and tender after baking.

I would like to try making these again sometime. Maybe almond filling and an amaretto glaze, or perhaps
walnut filling with a maple glaze...

Thanks so much for your comments! from breadsong


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these sounds so incredible and tasty. Yum!

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Looks delicious!!!


can we have the recipe?

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I would love to share Ciril Hitz's dough recipe but I want to respect his copyright.
I hope you don't mind me recommending another recipe, which I've used before and found very, very good (I found this recipe years ago on the Internet and was glad to see it posted on TFL!):

(The cream cheese frosting flavored with both vanilla and lemon is other-wordly-good. The recipe calls for an odd quantity of egg...1-1/4 eggs...I've used just one large egg with 2 extra tablespoons milk as a substitution quite successfully.)

You can use a bread machine to mix the dough as the recipe instructs, or mix it your usual way and let it rise in a covered container. The dough responds well to chilling overnight and filling/shaping/proofing/baking the next morning.

I've made nut filling two ways:
(richer, sweeter) A generous cup of roasted, finely chopped hazelnuts + 1/3 cup softened butter + 1 cup icing sugar, or
(not as rich/sweet) A similar amount of hazelnut flour (finely ground, untoasted hazelnuts) + 1/3 to 1/2 cup sugar (to taste) + a bit of corn syrup + some water to moisten the mixture so it's spreadable. Cinnamon is good to add too (1/4 teaspoon or to taste).

I hope you like this recipe!

Regards, breadsong




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I just had dinner and thought how wonderful one or two of those would be for breakfast tomorrow morning.  Mouthwatering, Breadsong.  Thanks for sharing.  I especially like the idea of the Frangelico--elegant.

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These buns were good for both dessert and breakfast. A touch of Frangelico at breakfast, oh so decadent!  Regards, breadsong