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Croissants - first try

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Croissants - first try

Hello, I've been wanting to make croissants for years. hansjoakim's recent post and getting a copy of Ciril Hitz's Baking Artisan Pastries and Breads spurred me into action.
I tried using a tutove rolling pin for the first tri-fold. I had some dough/butters layers happening, then unhappening, as the pictures show - poor temperature control & butter likely being too cold. For final shaping, I don't think I rolled the dough thin enough; triangles were cut somewhat unevenly; this all shows up in the final proof and bake. The kitchen was warm this morning due to other baking - I don't think this helped things either so the final proof happened in a cooler part of the house...but I still had butter leaking out during the bake.
I'll call these "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly".  Husband happily munched away anyway!  Regards, breadsong



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Mommy Dearest

They look very good and I know they will taste great like all her bread endeavours

I am her Mother -in- law better known as Mommy Dearest

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I'm very thankful for Mother-in-law, who roasted a beautiful turkey for Thanksgiving dinner...leaving me free to indulge in my baking hobby over the course of this long weekend! I tried to repay her with baguette and croissant but I'm certain I got the better part of the deal! - breadsong

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the deal is always hard to define, you think you got the better part, I bet she thinks the same, and you are both happy, great deal!

I just sold a tractor that needed tender loving care (unable to do that, and besides can't drive one, and don't want to learn on my hillside) the fellow who bought it was happy to have it, I was happy to have the space, and we both feel we got a great deal, of course a lot of people would say I sold it cheap ($100) but I say I got what I wanted, and he got something he could afford and then afford to fix up! I made a friend by not asking too much, and he made a friend by moving something I couldn't use, didn't need and was taking up level space which is at a premium here!

Both happy, and both thinking we got the better deal.

And the Crossants? they look great and I bet hubby thinks he got the best of that deal!

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Hi EvaB, Hubby really liked the flavor of these (buttery!). He checked on progress from time to time and patiently waited for the bake....!  Regards, breadsong

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hes male after all, and I've found that most of them LOVE bread, and if its greasy the better they like it. So you just hit on two of the best things as far as males are concerned.

Besides there is the brag factor, he can go out and brag on how great a baker you are, with crossants right up there at the top, and that makes him look great in the eyes of the other males, its a throwback thing with them. You know, my cave woman makes better mastadon than yours!

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Look wonderful to me! I love the shaping.

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Breadsong! are those your first shot at croissants!! You're very talented..!

Lovely plump croissants, YUM


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Thye look very nice croissants!   It is very difficult for me to make such perfect croissants like yours!!

Happy baking,


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Butter breaking during the rolling isn't so bad. Butter melting into the dough during rolling is bad.

A 1/4" thickness is best. 

To lessen butter leaking during baking, preheat the oven at 475 F. Use two baking sheets on top of each other to prevent over-browning at the bottom. Bake for 5 minutes and then turn down to 400 F and bake for 5 minutes. Then turn down the oven to 350 F and bake for 5 to 10 minutes until the insides are thoroughly baked.

It's good that you proofed them in a cool temperature. Actually, it's better proofing them at a cool temperature for a couple or few hours. You get better height and flakiness.

Like the flaky layers.

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HI breadsong,

Croissants look great - nice and golden! From the photo you did great separating the laminated layers,  which as a novice croissant maker I understand to be the key thing and quite hard to achieve!

I just made croissants for the first time a couple of months ago from Andy/ananda's formula. He had some really good tips on how to deal with the butter which I also found needed a bit of attention in the final rise.

Proof is in the eating though - I bet these were very well received!

Wishing you continued happy baking! Daisy_A

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Hi Breadsong,

I just bought some croissants from an excellent french bakery...and yours look even better!!

Wish I was next door.  Pam


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Mommy Dearest

They were so fantastic... was eating one before their car was out of the driveway. They were flaky and tender. To get a home delivery like that is just so special . I really think I have the best in this arrangement...Mommy Dearest

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arlo, mebake and akiko...thanks for your compliments. I didn't know how these would turn out on my first try and I am encouraged by your kind words.

lazybaker...thanks for the temp guide for baking. These were baked at 380F convection for 5 min then turned down to 360F convection for the balance of the bake. I'll try your suggestion next time...I really want to keep all the good butter IN the croissant after all the work it took to get it there!

Daisy_A...thank you for the link - I bet there's really good information there! 
I really liked the instruction in Mr. Hitz's book and look forward to reading more on TFL too. 

Pam...if you were, I'd put the coffee on!

Mommy're the best.

Regards, breadsong